Trish Karlin of The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Named as First “Hot Mama” Honoree

San Clemente, CA -- Redefining the term "Hot MAMA", http://www.o-mama.com/ founders, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, are proud to announce that they have been named one of Orange County’s Hot 25 by OC Metro, a list which highlights 25 of 2010’s “movers and shakers” from Orange County. In light of their recent recognition, O-MAMA.com has chosen this moment to launch a new feature on the site, extending the honor of “Hot MAMA” to everyday moms doing amazing things to positively impact their family, community and/or country.

O-MAMA.com is the online resource that uses parenting, instead of party lines, as the framework to discuss news and events from a mom’s perspective. This new “friendly forum” has garnered the attention of the media nationwide including Oprah Radio Network and Redbook and is the reason for OC Metro honoring the founders with the “Hot 25” award. O-MAMA makes the connection between the news of the day and the lessons we are teaching our kids at home and offers moms a way to engage and promote friendly, constructive debates across the aisle on everything from politics to stepmom/divorced mom relationships.

With the launch of the new “Hot MAMA” feature, O-MAMA is officially redefining the term “hot mama” to celebrate the ambition, skill and power of moms who are out there putting their talents to good use to make our country, and world, a better place.

Meet the First Hot MAMA: Trish Devine Karlin - Vice President, Global Business Planning, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
The mission of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is to eliminate HIV in children worldwide. As Vice President, Global Business Planning, Trish Karlin has helped establish one of the world’s largest programs for the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to baby. EGPAF is now working in more than 5000 health care sites to deliver critical HIV prevention and treatment services for families, and reaches more than 2 million pregnant women each year. A 16-year veteran of the Foundation, Trish is responsible for program operations, resource management, and sustainability planning. Before joining the Foundation, Karlin worked for the California State Controller’s Office and served as Executive Director of the John M. Lloyd Foundation, where she is currently a board member. As the mother of two great boys Miles (9) and Dean (5), who contributes to the fight against mother/baby HIV transmission, Trish exemplifies the kind of woman worthy of being named a Hot Mama, reminding us that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and there is nothing more important to MAMAS than the health and well-being of our babies. http://www.pedaids.org/

O-MAMA.com will be selecting a “Hot MAMA” honoree on a monthly basis to be featured on the site starting in November. Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home-mom, a single mom or a grandma, O-MAMA wants to hear what all the incredible moms out there are doing to make a difference every day in the lives of their families, neighbors and communities. To nominate a Hot MAMA you know, email their name, address, contact information and details about why this MAMA is HOT! Nominations are currently being accepted via email to contact@o-mama.com. Honorees will be selected by the O-MAMA executive team. Submissions can also include a picture, video and/or resume.

O-MAMA.com—short for Opinionated MAMA—is a new resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective founded on the belief that moms can be a constructive voice in the national dialogue by applying common sense principles honed in motherhood to get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids and our country.

Michelle Tingler, a democrat and mother of three and Debbie Devine, a Republican and mother of two created O-MAMA.com to be a civilized forum that connects moms to the political and social issues of our time. Putting parenting lessons in the context of the bigger issues of the day not only makes the site relevant and meaningful on a broad scale, but positions America's moms as a critical voice missing from our country's most important conversations.

Moms from Maine to California have identified O-MAMA as a destination where they can effectively and constructively use their collective skills honed in motherhood to find common ground on the tough issues and create real change in their homes and communities, and for our country . Since its launch in November 2009, traffic to the site has increased over 500% and O-MAMA’s mamas, Michelle and Debbie, have been featured in REDBOOK magazine, Oprah Radio’s Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Orange County Register, The Chicago Tribune, Coast Magazine, OC Family.com, Raising Arizona Kids, and several other blogs and websites making the connection between the messages in the news of the day and the lessons we are teaching our kids at home.

“Kitchen Table Talk” videos on the site cover a range of topics from guns to gay marriage, health care to terrorism--with a little humor and a lot of common sense. "Interest groups" for moms of every kind, plus chat rooms on all the "hot button" issues of the day encourage America's moms to give a fresh alternative to the often tiresome talking heads across the cable networks. It’s all there on O-MAMA.com, empowering moms and ensuring that CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME.

Registration is free and every opinion counts!

From the kitchen table to Capital Hill to the cable newsrooms and the blogosphere, America’s moms are becoming a important voice in the political discourse of our country.

See our O-MAMAs in action, click here to view their latest video: http://www.o-mama.com/videos

Coming 11/1: blogtalkradio.com/omama

Summer "Staycation" Ideas from Opinionated MAMA!


Summer 2010 “STAYCATION” Ideas From the O-MAMA Mamas – Founders & Followers

With summer upon us, all moms are talking about what to do this year with their vacation and many are realizing that this isn’t the year to spend the money on a big trip. Recently, Walmart asked O-Mama.com to share their ideas on “Staycations,” and here’s what they had to say…

FIRST, the Ground Rules: no phone zone; buy themed paper products and get into a staycation state of mind

SECOND, Pick your theme:

Breakfast in Bed

• sleep in; stay in your jammies; watch cartoons; have the kids make you breakfast in bed, relax…

Backyard Campout

• pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, make s’mores

• send the kids on a bug hunt, make nature bracelets out of inside out masking tape…have them stick all their treasure on it

• create a scavenger hunt or have a family yard project ready to go

• get out the sleeping bags and make it a no electronics zone for the night…watch the stars, make shadow puppets with flashlights, play flashlight tag, giggle and tell stories in the dark

Hawaiian Hideaway

• get out your beach chairs and water weenies, blow up water balloons, set up the slip ‘n slide, baby pool or just turn on the sprinklers

• play Beach Boys music and blow up beach balls to kick around

• play some family volleyball or good old fashioned “keep away”

• make pineapple juice drinks and cut up tropical fruit for fresh fruit kabobs

• roll out some beach mats/towels and eat on the ground luau style…the kids will love it

• wear your favorite wrap or Hawaiian shirt and feel the island attitude take you away

Beach Blanket Bingo

• pack your beach bag and take a short drive to the nearest body of water…river, lake or ocean…skip some stones or take a walk

• fly a kite, splash around or just toss a football

• roast some hotdogs and marshmallows

• watch the sunset

Old Fashioned Backyard Barbeque

• squeeze some lemonade and put some beer on ice; use mason jars

• bbq anything you want…from burgers to bananas…crack open a watermelon for dessert

• set the stage with a red checked table cloth

• play horse shoes and/or croquet

• spin stories, strum a guitar and enjoy the talk around the table

Mexican Fiesta

• make margaritas and say fiesta!

• make some homemade guacamole with the kids…have them roll up whatever they want in a tortilla

• stuff a piñata with goodie and have the kids go at it

• paint some pottery or have your own hat dance (turn on the music and have the kids do a silly samba…turn off the music and have them “freeze”)

Nights on Broadway

• get a sitter for the kids

• pack your fancy duds and go into the nearest big city for the night

• see a show (not a movie, but a show in a real theater…Broadway show, off Broadway, local theater, whatever) and go out to a nice dinner

Movie night

• set up a big screen in the back yard and have the kids grab their sleeping bags and pillows (a plain white sheet on a wall or fence will do the trick, too…if you want to get fancy, you can rent an inflatable screen)

• order pizzas, make some popcorn and open the soda…fun!

Game night

• pick a night, pick a game…and have some family fun

Sports Center

• oh yes, your husband and your son will be SO EXCITED…sports all day

• start with sports themed paper products at breakfast, make baseball/football shaped pancakes

• have some family competition…pick your favorite sports and have a tournament…set up brackets and the whole deal

• make jerseys and GO TEAM GO!


O-MAMA also posted this question to its 10,000+ fans on Facebook and here’s what they had to say…

Elizabeth D. - We take the tram to the airport, watch the planes take off and talk about where people are going. Then we take a shuttle to an airport hotel with a pool and free Continental breakfast. $100 for a family vacation, and kids think they are in heaven! After, all the hotel pool IS the vacation!

Racheal M. we live next to a 200 acre chunk of land (untouched!)... and we never have to travel far for some good ol' fashioned camping and hiking! But if your kids are really young, you can do the same thing right in the back yard and they'll love it just as much!

Grace M. One of my fav's is to go camping in the yard. We, me included- or especially me- get prizes for each day we stay out of the house entirely- except of course for the potty. Another is to list all the activities that are near by- pick one each day and do that- It's surprising the number of things that are local that we just don't get to because ...

Windy S. we rented a hotel room....five minutes from home lol, but hey it could have been anywhere. my son had a blast and we tried a new restaurant.

Peggy T. We become members of the local kids science museum every year. Then you can get into kids science museum free pretty much anywhere in the country so we drive to the ones in our area. We are also lucky to live near the beach and DC so we take day trips there.

Noelle N. Like Peggy, we live in the DC/Baltimore area so stay-cations are super easy. We also live close to the Eastern Shore so we are right in the middle of some of the best things! But Windy, that is a rockin' idea! Never thought of that. Thinkin' a nice Annapolis hotel and some fun historical touring may be on the agenda!

Kathy W. We're lucky we live in a city with so many urban lakeside beaches! And check your local library schedule for special events like a petting zoo or kids' pizza party. Ask yourself, what do tourists do, when they come to my town. Do you ever do any of them? Like your city or county history museum or art museum?

Donna J. We take "virtual" field trips. One is starting in a little while for Bryce Canyon (sponsored by the national parks). Here is the virtual field trip link: http://nationalparks.org/npf-at-work/our-programs/electronic-field-trip/

You’ve heard from celebrities, politicians and pundits. Now get a mom’s perspective and some common sense insight on the nation’s hottest topics


Opinionated MAMA Hosts Tribute to Mommy Bloggers

The clicking of keyboards across Orange County was slightly diminished for a brief time last Wednesday as several of OC’s most prominent Mommy Bloggers were treated to a morning of pampering, taste-testing and good old-fashioned girl talk at the home of Opinionated MAMA founder Michelle Tingler.

Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine hosted the first O-MAMA Tribute to Mommy Bloggers to bring together many of the women who share their lives, loves, passions and exploits online in celebration of their efforts as well as the recent addition of Opinionated MAMA to the OC Family magazine network of bloggers. Attendees included Sugar Jones of SugarJones.tv, Michelle Whitaker of OC Play Parks, Vintage Mama’s Lydia Poblano, Sondra LaBrie of Happy Healthy Hip Parenting and Priscilla Willis of Top Mom Blog among others.

“O-MAMA supports all moms in the hard work of raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted future citizens,” says founder Michelle Tingler. “And in our opinion, every hard-working mom deserves a little break once in a while!”

Those in attendance were treated to manicures and pedicures by Spa-Go, pilates instruction by Stephanie Hiltzman of Body Design in Newport Beach and delicious mock-tails and kid-friendly cuisine tips from celebrity chef Wade Williams of Picnic LA. All the while, many of the ladies were accompanied by their children who spent their morning doing arts and crafts, bouncing away in the bounce house and getting their faces painted by Faces by Derrick.

Click here to see and download additional event photos:


Also, see what some of the ladies who attended had to say about it!


EXTRA, EXTRA!! O-MAMA Hits in the Chicago Tribune and Oprah Radio's Dr. Laura Berman Show

Opinionated MAMA founders Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine recently travelled to Chicago where they did two GREAT interviews to spread the O-MAMA's message of empowering America's moms and giving them a voice in our country's most important conversations. 

First, they were interviewed by Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune - an O-MAMA for sure!! - who wrote this fantastic story!!  http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/family/sc-fam-0520-omama-web-site-20100520,0,4755394,full.story
We loved her idea of "swapping" headlines!!

Then Michelle and Debbie went in studio at Oprah Radio with sex and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman to share their Opinionated MAMA opinions on everything from successful blended families to talking sex with your kids and much much, more!  Take a listen to an excerpt of their interview by clicking here: http://www.oprah.com/oprahradio/Empowering-the-Moms-of-America-Audio

Now that's a great road trip!!  Great job O-MAMA's!!!


Opinionated MAMA Offers American-Made Clothing, Gifts and Accessories in Their New Online Store

San Clemente, CA – O-MAMA.com - short for Opinionated MAMA - is proud to announce the opening of the new O-MAMA Online Store (http://www.o-mama.com/store/) offering apparel, gifts and accessories for opinionated mamas and their families. O-MAMA.com, an online resource for America’s moms featuring current news and events from a mom’s perspective, has made a commitment to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” by featuring only products made in the U. S. A., because CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME!

“We are so excited to launch our O-MAMA Online Store for those moms who want to show and share their commitment to the O-MAMA mission and support US workers and businesses with our line of exclusively American-made O-MAMA products,” says O-MAMA founder Michelle Tingler. “Sure, it would have been cheaper to buy all our items from China, but Opinionated MAMA is ‘putting our money where our mouth is.’ We want to keep jobs here in America for our family, friends, and neighbors.” In addition to product descriptions and pricing, the store also lists the city and state where each product is made.

O-Mama Hosts Inaugural House Party - Three Easy Tips To Setting The Stage

This last Saturday night we went to the Inaugural House Party for O-Mama.  The party was such a success and so much fun that we decided to tell you about it in a few posts so you could get the full picture and get some ideas of your own so you can host your own O-Mama House Party.

Must-Have O-MAMA House Party Decor and Food:

#1 - Fun Cocktails - Red Martinis for Republicans and Blue Martinis for Democrats (make note of the cute colored sugar for the rim of the glasses!)

#2 Make A Statement With Your Dessert Bar - This dessert bar by Meringue Bake Shop was to die for!  I love the mini cupcakes with the O-Mama Logo. An added bonus to the table of treats -- it made the party not only taste like heaven but it also smelled like it!
#3 - Have Conversation Starters - I loved the idea of hanging conversation starters from balloons.  So clever.
Another easy way to start a conversation is put a bunch of topics in a bowl like this:

Stay tuned for party pictures and other fun ideas!


One of things we love most about this business is that you NEVER know what the next day is going to bring... We had a great week here at TO Media Co., with exciting requests and inquiries for all of our clients from the likes of Family Circle, Parenting, two national radio shows and Lifetime television.  So exciting!!

And tomorrow night we will top off this incredible week with the Inaugural House Party for O-MAMA.com at the home of founder Michelle Tingler with some of OC's outstanding Opinionated MAMAs and a whole lot of great conversation and fun. Can't wait to celebrate!! To learn more about O-MAMA and how you can host your own O-MAMA House Party with the opinionated moms in your life, log on to www.o-mama.com.

On top of all the excitement, we helped out our favorite Nashville-based PR company Triple7 PR (http://www.triple7pr.com/ - we love you Carrie and Ashley) with a little shoot for The Doctors with celebrity chef and author Rocco DeSpirito.  Such a pleasure to work with him again as well as the fantastic team from The Doctors! You HAVE to check out Rocco's latest cookbook, titled Now Eat This... it is packed full of healthy eating tips and fantastic healthy "makeovers" for some of America's all-time favorite recipes (Fried Chicken, Macaronit and Cheese and even Mayonaise get the full nutritional treatment!) and is climbing the bookselling charts like a rocket!!  I can't wait to try a few myself.  Check back for tune-in info on the episode.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope this great momentum rolls right through the weekend...



San Clemente, CA – While Americans are still debating the solution to mounting healthcare costs and rising numbers of uninsured, moms on O-MAMA.com, short for Opinionated Mama, are socializing healthcare through social media.

“As women and mothers, our first priority is the health and well-being of our families and we are thrilled to witness mothers coming together to share their questions, fears, discoveries and generations of knowledge about women’s health on our website,” says O-MAMA.com founder Michelle Tingler

Inside the O-MAMA chat rooms moms have been discussing and sharing insight and info on everything from flu shots and the HPV Virus to breast cancer. One user states, “…over the last few years, my husband and I have been getting our information from sites and books and sadly, you will never hear or see this information on regular mainstream media…”

TIPS/QUOTES FROM CHAT ROOMS: When it comes to your health, O-MAMAs say:

Tip #1 from moms – SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE – When it comes to information that is! It’s tough to keep up with the myriad of information being thrown at us about everything from vaccines to cancer, but when you do discover an important truth, share it with others. Whether this knowledge is gained from personal experience (my son/daughter had that last month) or the advice of an expert (my doctor told me…), we all benefit from communicating this information with other women and mothers in our community. You never know if you might help someone down the road.

“So here's the latest update on pap smears (just what you wanted on a Monday morning!): Latest guidelines are NO pap until 21 years old. None. Nothing. Nada.” (Tmama)

Tip #2 – TALK TO THE DOC – While some of our members are in fact physicians, the overwhelming consensus is that regardless of what reports you read or what your friends (or fellow O-MAMA’s) say, ultimately you have to take what you’ve learned and talk to your doctor. And if you aren’t satisfied with the answer… get a second opinion.

“I am printing out this discussion thread and taking it to the pediatrician...I am going to take O-MAMAs advice and "talk to my doc" about it...I think we all should go in armed with info and ask questions. Thanks for all the info. You go girls!” (Tiredmama)

Tip #3 – AN APPLE A DAY – Another age old adage that holds true today. Moms know that a healthy diet is the key to overall health, but as many O-MAMAs and doctors have stated, a healthy diet can also be the key to preventing and curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many of the other diseases that are virtual epidemics in our society today.

“Whole foods are our best friend and nature gave us many cures that many people just don't know about. And ladies, you may want to change your deodorant and switch to one that is aluminum-free. I have more to say, but, I think I'll share as I go :) Take care!! (Tuskismom)

O-MAMA invites you to share your opinions:


O-MAMA says: “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say”. O-MAMA.com, short for Opinionated Mom, is a new online resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective.

Founder, Michelle Tingler says, “We believe ‘Opinionated Mamas’ can be a constructive voice in sorting out the social and political issues of our time and that together, with a little humor and a lot of common sense, America's moms can get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids and our country. Most importantly, moms need to know how to communicate these issues to our kids, so that the lessons we are conveying stick with them as they grow, so they will be happy, healthy, well-adjusted citizens. We need to make sure CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME."

Here are O-MAMA’s founders, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, top 10 tips to effectively communicate with your kids:

Communication is key in any relationship, but it has to be really straight-forward, clear and consistent when you are talking to your kids. So, "say what you mean." Think about what you want them to DO, and then express it clearly, simply and concisely. Otherwise, they tune out and hear wah, wah, wah. When dealing with kids, it’s best to just lay it out there and not leave it up to interpretation. No beating around the bush. No hemming and hawing.

Make sure you and your child are physically on the same level, so everyone is eye to eye when speaking. Otherwise, they'll get distracted looking at your zipper! Also, eyeball to eyeball says you mean business and you can be sure they've gotten the message.

Speak slowly enough for them to be able to take in what you are saying. When you are finished, ask them if they’ve understood what has been said. If they are unclear, ask them to explain what they think you said...it's kind of like the game telephone...try not to laugh!

Take into consideration their point of view. Everyone has their unique perspective on any given subject and kids are no different. They might have an interesting insight into how they perceive the issue, how they felt at the time or what might work for them next time in terms of keeping themselves in line. Their solution might be totally off base, or might have some merit. At least be open to hearing their side because it will empower them to communicate better...and that might even encourage them to behave better.

Give them a chance to acknowledge the message. It makes children and adults alike feel good to be heard, and a simple acknowledgement like “I understand what you said” or even an “I heard you, but I disagree” helps further communication.

When stating an opinion on an issue, or explaining why something could be harmful be prepared to back it up, especially when dealing with teenagers. Do your homework. Know the subject in and out. Have some examples to throw out...fancy stats are good, but pictures are worth a thousand words! (i.e., when talking about the importance of safe driving, show them a picture of a car wreck). Earn respect by demonstrating that consideration has been given as to why this is a “big deal.”

“Mean what you say.” Do not make idol threats. When outlining consequences to a behavior, make sure they are realistic and be prepared to follow through. Consistency is key. If the follow through is wishy washy, it will not be credible.

Good communication requires both parties, regardless of age...pecking order...relationship, using and demonstrating common sense and mutual respect. “Do as I say and not as I do,” does not get the job done with kids. Be prepared to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Remember, you don’t have to be their friend, they don’t have to always like us, they just need to know we love them all the time, and sometimes that means saying "NO!” Sometimes saying no can be the most loving thing you can do.

Go with your gut. No one knows your kids like you do. You know what’s in their best interest, so be confident in what and how you communicate.

To see Michelle and Debbie in action, click here to view their latest video:


O-MAMA Hits the FRONT PAGE of the OC Register!!

READ ALL ABOUT IT! ON TODAY'S FRONT PAGE OF THE OC REGISTER, O-MAMA's Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine share the history and vision of Opinionated Mama with the Register's Theresa Walker... Click below to read the whole story!


O-Mama.com Featured in REDBOOK MAGAZINE!

If you are looking for a friendly debate when it comes to politics, look no further.

In case you haven't gotten your March issue of Redbook yet - go get it now!  On page 112, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, the founders of O-Mama.com (Opinionated Mama) are featured in a great article called "Launching A Friendly Debate".

An online resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective, O-MAMA.com seeks to bring common sense back to our country’s most important conversations by identifying and correcting the disconnect between the messages in the news and events of the day to the lessons we teach our kids at home.

Thanks Marisa Cohen and REDBOOK for writing such a great article!


OC Register calls O-MAMA.com a Site to Be Bold

Michelle and Debbie spoke yesterday with OC Register's Mom Blogger and Editor Theresa Walker about the vision for O-MAMA.com as well as their belief that with a little humor and a lot of common sense America's moms can be a constructive voice in the nation's most important conversations. Click here for the whole story http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/2010/01/27/o-mama-is-a-site-to-be-bold/45033/

With the State of the Union address tonight, Orange County's Opinionated MAMAs Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, founders of the new online resource for news and events from a Mom's perspective, O-MAMA.com, are settling in for some spirited and constructive coversation with the rest of the O-MAMA.com community!

The OC Register will also be following up with Michelle and Debbie following tonight's address to get their O-MAMA opinions about what Mr. Obama has to say.  Follow this link to get to their comments - http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/

As Theresa said... the folks in Washington could probably learn a lot from America's O-MAMAs.  Go MAMA!

Wonderful, Talented Ladies!

Happy Holidays!

At TO Media Co we work some pretty amazing women - business owners, entrepreneuers and hard workers,  who are innovative, forward thinking and fun to be around. So we recently hosted a little gathering of some of our favorite women at atelier natalie umbert in Corona del Mar. 

Here is a short list of some of our favorites: Natalie Umbert of atelier natalie umbert, Kellie Swaim of Bravo Sports, Lisa Jackson of joie de vie , Zuma Ayriyan of Vazu Kids, Shanna Coady of My Favorite Everything, Shelly Strazis of Shelly Strazis Photography, Michelle Tingler of O-MAMA and Melinda Hovee-Harlan of Little Stylings, Sally Bartz of Halsea , Mindy Gayer of Cotton Idea Studio and Lisa Sommer of Venturesom

You've Heard from Celebrities, Politicians, Pundits. Now Hear From O-Mama (Opinionated Mama)

You’ve heard from celebrities, politicians and pundits. Now get a mom’s perspective and some common sense insight on the nation’s hottest topics. From politics, healthcare and immigration to teen sex, manners and education, O-MAMA’s have an opinion about all this and more and want to share it.

Meet Michelle Tingler, a Democrat and former advertising executive, and Debbie Devine, a Republican and former journalist, good friends and busy moms who were inspired by their real-life “kitchen table talk” to create an online resource for news and events from a mom's perspective. http://www.o-mama.com/ (Opinionated MAMA) is a new website that engages moms in the bigger issues by making them relevant to their daily lives and empowers moms to be a constructive voice in our nation’s most important conversations. Founded on the ideal that with little humor and a lot of common sense, America’s moms get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids, our families, our communities and our country.

To see Michelle and Debbie in action, click here to view their latest video: 

About O-MAMA’s Democratic Voice: Michelle Tingler

Michelle grew up in Rochester Hills, MI, raised by a single father. A graduate of the University of Michigan and former VP, Management Supervisor at Dailey & Associates Advertising in Los Angeles, CA. She left her advertising career when her first child was born in 1999. However, her professional skills overlapped into her role as a mother - every birthday party was approached like an integrated marketing campaign; every holiday assigned an innovative theme with broad family appeal.

Happily married for 13 years, Michelle has been a busy, engaged, stay-at-home mom of three kids, a dog and a tortoise for nine of them. Michelle became engaged in political issues during the 2008 Presidential campaign and, again, merged her learned skills in both advertising and motherhood with her new passion – politics. The idea for O-MAMA was born.

About O-MAMA’s Republican Voice: Debbie Devine

Nothing is ordinary about this Southern California Republican. She grew up in Corona del Mar, CA, graduated from the University of Southern California and was raised by parents who are still married after 45 years. Typical. Debbie studied abroad, became fluent in Spanish and spent her career years working for Telemundo, CNN en Español and CNN International where she helped launch television programs and networks in Spain, Mexico and Turkey. Surprise!

Finally, motherhood took precedence and Deb traded in her international globe-trotting career for a second one teaching Spanish. She owns and operates a student travel business that takes middle school and high school students to Latin America to help them become global citizens. Her goal is to get kids “out of the bubble” of the United States, use their language skills and do community service projects.

Debbie is a divorced mother of 2 great kids and a dog. Her enthusiasm for motherhood, teaching, travel and news is infectious. O-MAMA integrates of all of her experiences and interests.

O-MAMA (Opinionated MAMA) seeks to engage and empower moms to become a constructive voice in our country’s most important conversations because CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME. A new outlet for America’s Moms, O-MAMA.com, is an online resource for current news and events from a mom’s perspective. Focusing on the social and political issues of our time, the website features news and events, chat rooms, to-do lists and more to help moms raise the next generation of happy, healthy, future citizens of our country. O-MAMA supports all moms in the hard work of raising kids.

Registration is free and every O-MAMA’s opinion counts.

Lauren Townsend/Allison Olmstead
TO Media Co.

O-Mama Featured on Your Family Today

This year, I feel like it is a double wammy - a slow economy mixed with the kids endless "I want that!".  So articles like the one from Sarah Mahoney on http://www.yourfamilytoday.com/ titled "Raise A Smart Spender" is just what I needed.

Michelle Tinger from http://www.o-mama.com/ (Opinionated Mama) was featured in the article with her tip:

5. Be giving, from start to finish.

Toy drives are great but impersonal. So, Michelle Tingler, founder of the Web site O-mama takes her kids -- ages 10, 7 and 3 -- to the Angel Tree near their home in San Clemente, Calif., where they each pick a wish left by needy children. “Last year, one girl asked for a pair of black Converse shoes for her brother, another child asked for socks and one for school supplies,” she says. “My kids were like, ‘They don’t have pencils?’ And I got to say, ‘That’s right, they don’t have a lot of things.’” Tingler and her kids decide how much to spend on granting these wishes, and then they shop together.

 Thanks, Sarah!

O-Mama Joins the Momversation!

What do your kids have in common with Michael Jackson? Are your kids overscheduled and stressed out? Are you sprinting from school to practice to tutors to meetings to shoveling dinner in the car to bed only to do it all again the next day??? Two Opinionated Mama's shared their opinions on this overachieving and completely unrewarding social phenomenon rampant amongst American families today in the news blog on O-Mama.com and as guest bloggers on Momversations.com.

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