Trish Karlin of The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Named as First “Hot Mama” Honoree

San Clemente, CA -- Redefining the term "Hot MAMA", http://www.o-mama.com/ founders, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, are proud to announce that they have been named one of Orange County’s Hot 25 by OC Metro, a list which highlights 25 of 2010’s “movers and shakers” from Orange County. In light of their recent recognition, O-MAMA.com has chosen this moment to launch a new feature on the site, extending the honor of “Hot MAMA” to everyday moms doing amazing things to positively impact their family, community and/or country.

O-MAMA.com is the online resource that uses parenting, instead of party lines, as the framework to discuss news and events from a mom’s perspective. This new “friendly forum” has garnered the attention of the media nationwide including Oprah Radio Network and Redbook and is the reason for OC Metro honoring the founders with the “Hot 25” award. O-MAMA makes the connection between the news of the day and the lessons we are teaching our kids at home and offers moms a way to engage and promote friendly, constructive debates across the aisle on everything from politics to stepmom/divorced mom relationships.

With the launch of the new “Hot MAMA” feature, O-MAMA is officially redefining the term “hot mama” to celebrate the ambition, skill and power of moms who are out there putting their talents to good use to make our country, and world, a better place.

Meet the First Hot MAMA: Trish Devine Karlin - Vice President, Global Business Planning, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
The mission of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is to eliminate HIV in children worldwide. As Vice President, Global Business Planning, Trish Karlin has helped establish one of the world’s largest programs for the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to baby. EGPAF is now working in more than 5000 health care sites to deliver critical HIV prevention and treatment services for families, and reaches more than 2 million pregnant women each year. A 16-year veteran of the Foundation, Trish is responsible for program operations, resource management, and sustainability planning. Before joining the Foundation, Karlin worked for the California State Controller’s Office and served as Executive Director of the John M. Lloyd Foundation, where she is currently a board member. As the mother of two great boys Miles (9) and Dean (5), who contributes to the fight against mother/baby HIV transmission, Trish exemplifies the kind of woman worthy of being named a Hot Mama, reminding us that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and there is nothing more important to MAMAS than the health and well-being of our babies. http://www.pedaids.org/

O-MAMA.com will be selecting a “Hot MAMA” honoree on a monthly basis to be featured on the site starting in November. Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home-mom, a single mom or a grandma, O-MAMA wants to hear what all the incredible moms out there are doing to make a difference every day in the lives of their families, neighbors and communities. To nominate a Hot MAMA you know, email their name, address, contact information and details about why this MAMA is HOT! Nominations are currently being accepted via email to contact@o-mama.com. Honorees will be selected by the O-MAMA executive team. Submissions can also include a picture, video and/or resume.

O-MAMA.com—short for Opinionated MAMA—is a new resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective founded on the belief that moms can be a constructive voice in the national dialogue by applying common sense principles honed in motherhood to get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids and our country.

Michelle Tingler, a democrat and mother of three and Debbie Devine, a Republican and mother of two created O-MAMA.com to be a civilized forum that connects moms to the political and social issues of our time. Putting parenting lessons in the context of the bigger issues of the day not only makes the site relevant and meaningful on a broad scale, but positions America's moms as a critical voice missing from our country's most important conversations.

Moms from Maine to California have identified O-MAMA as a destination where they can effectively and constructively use their collective skills honed in motherhood to find common ground on the tough issues and create real change in their homes and communities, and for our country . Since its launch in November 2009, traffic to the site has increased over 500% and O-MAMA’s mamas, Michelle and Debbie, have been featured in REDBOOK magazine, Oprah Radio’s Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Orange County Register, The Chicago Tribune, Coast Magazine, OC Family.com, Raising Arizona Kids, and several other blogs and websites making the connection between the messages in the news of the day and the lessons we are teaching our kids at home.

“Kitchen Table Talk” videos on the site cover a range of topics from guns to gay marriage, health care to terrorism--with a little humor and a lot of common sense. "Interest groups" for moms of every kind, plus chat rooms on all the "hot button" issues of the day encourage America's moms to give a fresh alternative to the often tiresome talking heads across the cable networks. It’s all there on O-MAMA.com, empowering moms and ensuring that CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME.

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From the kitchen table to Capital Hill to the cable newsrooms and the blogosphere, America’s moms are becoming a important voice in the political discourse of our country.

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