OC Register calls O-MAMA.com a Site to Be Bold

Michelle and Debbie spoke yesterday with OC Register's Mom Blogger and Editor Theresa Walker about the vision for O-MAMA.com as well as their belief that with a little humor and a lot of common sense America's moms can be a constructive voice in the nation's most important conversations. Click here for the whole story http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/2010/01/27/o-mama-is-a-site-to-be-bold/45033/

With the State of the Union address tonight, Orange County's Opinionated MAMAs Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, founders of the new online resource for news and events from a Mom's perspective, O-MAMA.com, are settling in for some spirited and constructive coversation with the rest of the O-MAMA.com community!

The OC Register will also be following up with Michelle and Debbie following tonight's address to get their O-MAMA opinions about what Mr. Obama has to say.  Follow this link to get to their comments - http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/

As Theresa said... the folks in Washington could probably learn a lot from America's O-MAMAs.  Go MAMA!