O-Mama Hosts Inaugural House Party - Three Easy Tips To Setting The Stage

This last Saturday night we went to the Inaugural House Party for O-Mama.  The party was such a success and so much fun that we decided to tell you about it in a few posts so you could get the full picture and get some ideas of your own so you can host your own O-Mama House Party.

Must-Have O-MAMA House Party Decor and Food:

#1 - Fun Cocktails - Red Martinis for Republicans and Blue Martinis for Democrats (make note of the cute colored sugar for the rim of the glasses!)

#2 Make A Statement With Your Dessert Bar - This dessert bar by Meringue Bake Shop was to die for!  I love the mini cupcakes with the O-Mama Logo. An added bonus to the table of treats -- it made the party not only taste like heaven but it also smelled like it!
#3 - Have Conversation Starters - I loved the idea of hanging conversation starters from balloons.  So clever.
Another easy way to start a conversation is put a bunch of topics in a bowl like this:

Stay tuned for party pictures and other fun ideas!