You've Heard from Celebrities, Politicians, Pundits. Now Hear From O-Mama (Opinionated Mama)

You’ve heard from celebrities, politicians and pundits. Now get a mom’s perspective and some common sense insight on the nation’s hottest topics. From politics, healthcare and immigration to teen sex, manners and education, O-MAMA’s have an opinion about all this and more and want to share it.

Meet Michelle Tingler, a Democrat and former advertising executive, and Debbie Devine, a Republican and former journalist, good friends and busy moms who were inspired by their real-life “kitchen table talk” to create an online resource for news and events from a mom's perspective. (Opinionated MAMA) is a new website that engages moms in the bigger issues by making them relevant to their daily lives and empowers moms to be a constructive voice in our nation’s most important conversations. Founded on the ideal that with little humor and a lot of common sense, America’s moms get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids, our families, our communities and our country.

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About O-MAMA’s Democratic Voice: Michelle Tingler

Michelle grew up in Rochester Hills, MI, raised by a single father. A graduate of the University of Michigan and former VP, Management Supervisor at Dailey & Associates Advertising in Los Angeles, CA. She left her advertising career when her first child was born in 1999. However, her professional skills overlapped into her role as a mother - every birthday party was approached like an integrated marketing campaign; every holiday assigned an innovative theme with broad family appeal.

Happily married for 13 years, Michelle has been a busy, engaged, stay-at-home mom of three kids, a dog and a tortoise for nine of them. Michelle became engaged in political issues during the 2008 Presidential campaign and, again, merged her learned skills in both advertising and motherhood with her new passion – politics. The idea for O-MAMA was born.

About O-MAMA’s Republican Voice: Debbie Devine

Nothing is ordinary about this Southern California Republican. She grew up in Corona del Mar, CA, graduated from the University of Southern California and was raised by parents who are still married after 45 years. Typical. Debbie studied abroad, became fluent in Spanish and spent her career years working for Telemundo, CNN en Español and CNN International where she helped launch television programs and networks in Spain, Mexico and Turkey. Surprise!

Finally, motherhood took precedence and Deb traded in her international globe-trotting career for a second one teaching Spanish. She owns and operates a student travel business that takes middle school and high school students to Latin America to help them become global citizens. Her goal is to get kids “out of the bubble” of the United States, use their language skills and do community service projects.

Debbie is a divorced mother of 2 great kids and a dog. Her enthusiasm for motherhood, teaching, travel and news is infectious. O-MAMA integrates of all of her experiences and interests.

O-MAMA (Opinionated MAMA) seeks to engage and empower moms to become a constructive voice in our country’s most important conversations because CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME. A new outlet for America’s Moms,, is an online resource for current news and events from a mom’s perspective. Focusing on the social and political issues of our time, the website features news and events, chat rooms, to-do lists and more to help moms raise the next generation of happy, healthy, future citizens of our country. O-MAMA supports all moms in the hard work of raising kids.

Registration is free and every O-MAMA’s opinion counts.

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