San Clemente, CA – While Americans are still debating the solution to mounting healthcare costs and rising numbers of uninsured, moms on, short for Opinionated Mama, are socializing healthcare through social media.

“As women and mothers, our first priority is the health and well-being of our families and we are thrilled to witness mothers coming together to share their questions, fears, discoveries and generations of knowledge about women’s health on our website,” says founder Michelle Tingler

Inside the O-MAMA chat rooms moms have been discussing and sharing insight and info on everything from flu shots and the HPV Virus to breast cancer. One user states, “…over the last few years, my husband and I have been getting our information from sites and books and sadly, you will never hear or see this information on regular mainstream media…”

TIPS/QUOTES FROM CHAT ROOMS: When it comes to your health, O-MAMAs say:

Tip #1 from moms – SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE – When it comes to information that is! It’s tough to keep up with the myriad of information being thrown at us about everything from vaccines to cancer, but when you do discover an important truth, share it with others. Whether this knowledge is gained from personal experience (my son/daughter had that last month) or the advice of an expert (my doctor told me…), we all benefit from communicating this information with other women and mothers in our community. You never know if you might help someone down the road.

“So here's the latest update on pap smears (just what you wanted on a Monday morning!): Latest guidelines are NO pap until 21 years old. None. Nothing. Nada.” (Tmama)

Tip #2 – TALK TO THE DOC – While some of our members are in fact physicians, the overwhelming consensus is that regardless of what reports you read or what your friends (or fellow O-MAMA’s) say, ultimately you have to take what you’ve learned and talk to your doctor. And if you aren’t satisfied with the answer… get a second opinion.

“I am printing out this discussion thread and taking it to the pediatrician...I am going to take O-MAMAs advice and "talk to my doc" about it...I think we all should go in armed with info and ask questions. Thanks for all the info. You go girls!” (Tiredmama)

Tip #3 – AN APPLE A DAY – Another age old adage that holds true today. Moms know that a healthy diet is the key to overall health, but as many O-MAMAs and doctors have stated, a healthy diet can also be the key to preventing and curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many of the other diseases that are virtual epidemics in our society today.

“Whole foods are our best friend and nature gave us many cures that many people just don't know about. And ladies, you may want to change your deodorant and switch to one that is aluminum-free. I have more to say, but, I think I'll share as I go :) Take care!! (Tuskismom)

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