Opinionated MAMA Offers American-Made Clothing, Gifts and Accessories in Their New Online Store

San Clemente, CA – O-MAMA.com - short for Opinionated MAMA - is proud to announce the opening of the new O-MAMA Online Store (http://www.o-mama.com/store/) offering apparel, gifts and accessories for opinionated mamas and their families. O-MAMA.com, an online resource for America’s moms featuring current news and events from a mom’s perspective, has made a commitment to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” by featuring only products made in the U. S. A., because CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME!

“We are so excited to launch our O-MAMA Online Store for those moms who want to show and share their commitment to the O-MAMA mission and support US workers and businesses with our line of exclusively American-made O-MAMA products,” says O-MAMA founder Michelle Tingler. “Sure, it would have been cheaper to buy all our items from China, but Opinionated MAMA is ‘putting our money where our mouth is.’ We want to keep jobs here in America for our family, friends, and neighbors.” In addition to product descriptions and pricing, the store also lists the city and state where each product is made.