The New Studio Offers Organic + Healthy Mani-Pedi’s, Eco-Friendly Polishes, Scrubs, Soaks + More

Costa Mesa, CA –
Lollipop Nail Studio, a chic, organic nail studio that is dedicated to natural, organic products and services, is proud to announce its new Orange County location at the CAMP. 

Tripling its space from the original store, Lollipop is not only growing to accommodate more Orange County women, men and children seeking its signature, organic manicures and pedicures but also adding to its services thanks to the movement towards non-toxic beauty treatments. From nourishing, water-based nail polish to lotions, scrubs and soaks made in-house of only the freshest organic ingredients, Lollipop strives to make getting a mani-pedi as safe, luxurious and enjoyable as possible.

With mid-century lounge treatment chairs embroidered with the Lollipop logo and a vintage bamboo sofa where clients are offered treatments, the large, bright space also features several large tables where classes and parties can be accommodated.  A vintage candy display that now showcases Lollipop’s organic and natural recipe ingredients, welcomes clients as does the smell of the four essential elements used in the studio’s signature manicures and pedicures: almond, rose, camellia and geranium.

Inspired by Jackie Dalton’s young daughter to offer a nail salon free of chemicals, owners Jackie Dalton, an FIDM alum and former designer and boutique owner, and Hope Allen, an actress, launched Lollipop Nail Studio in September 2012.   “We feel so blessed to have grown so much in a year,” says Dalton. “People are just learning about all the nasties in nail polish and cosmetics and have embraced our fresh mani/pedi experience. Our clients are often surprised to see all of these gorgeous nail colors in formulations that are much healthier for you.”

HEALTHIER NAIL POLISH: Offering nourishing nail polish that is safe for your skin in a wide variety of shades and colors, the treatments are safe for adults and kids alike. Lollipop has grown its offerings of non-toxic nail polish that are free of Toluene, DBP, formaldehyde and camphor, including:
·         SpaRitual, which is a vegan, 5-free line of polish that has great lasting power and incredible, saturated colors.
·         Hopscotch Kids, a line of non-toxic water-based polish for kids and kids at heart, which is safe for little fingers and has a really quick drying time for children since they usually can't sit still very long. They’ve got great, bright colors that kids really love.
·         Scotch, another line offered at Lollipop, is also water-based and has a more sophisticated range of colors. 
·         Zoya polishes have also gotten a great response from the customer looking for healthier nail polish.

NEW ORGANIC APOTHACARY PRODUCTS + CLASSES: Striving to ensure a teaching environment, educating clients on healthier beauty options, Lollipop will also soon offer classes on how to make your own scrubs and oils. Also, Lollipop’s artful apothecary, where signature products are mixed to match treatments and needs, is the inspiration behind a soon-to-be launched product line using the finest quality organic ingredients.

PARTIES: Lollipop’s loyal clientele frequently hosts parties at the studio. Now with the new location, larger groups who want to use the studio as a gathering space to host events and parties, including bridal, birthday, fashion and charity, can be accommodated.

SIGNATURE LOLLIPOP NAIL STUDIO MANICURES AND PEDICURES: For each service, Lollipop sterilizes all stainless steel tools, and uses only brand-new files, sticks and buffers, as well as new liners for each pedicure. Manicures are waterless, performed with hot towels and custom-created oils.

Prices start at $25 for an adult manicure, $35 for an adult pedicure; $15 for a child manicure and $15 for a child pedicure.  

HOURS AND LOCATION: Lollipop Nail Studio is now open Monday-Saturday 10:30 am to 7 pm; Sunday 11 am to 5 pm at the CAMP, 2937 Bristol Street, in Costa Mesa, CA. The studio can be contacted by calling 714.444.0330.


Birdie Slated To Open Early February  

Costa Mesa, CA -  Quickly becoming a hot spot for unique eats in Orange County, The OC Mix, an urban marketplace filled with over 25 owner-operated retail shops, gourmet food and drinks, all under one roof, is proud to announce that Birdie Bowl and Juicery, fresh cold pressed juice and amazing acai bowls, is slated to open in early February. 

"Birdie Bowl and Juicery is a nourishing addition to the unique beverage bars and foods we have here at The OC Mix,” says Anais Tangie, Director of Events and Marketing Coordinator. “Their cold pressed blends are deliciously refreshing. We just can't wait for Jee Shin to open and add to our culinary collective at SoCo Collection."

Birdie Bowl and Juicery, the latest from owner Jee Shin, focuses on 1OO% cold pressed organic juices, nut mylks, and acai bowls. The company delivers live, raw and unpasteurized juices using a hydraulic press to extract the nutrients from only the freshest locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Did you know that traditional juicing involves a high level of friction in the grinding process which in turn causes heat? In contrast, Birdie uses a cold pressed juicing method which significantly slows down the rate of oxidation of its extractions.  As a result Birdie juices maintain their nutritional stability for a longer shelf life. With proper refrigeration they are nutritionally stable and will taste crisp for a good 72 hours after being pressed.

As a new addition to the community, Birdie strives to bring something better, something more nourishing to the table. With each and every product the company mindfully carries and offers, Birdie will always promote healthy balanced lifestyles.  Aside from the amazingly delicious taste, Birdie juices and nut mylks are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital elements your body needs and deserves.  Birdie is a perfect place to meet friends or hydrate before a Zen yoga session.

As someone, somewhere once said, “can I get a birdie of what you’re drinking?” 

Birdie Bowl and Juicery Facebook:


Continues To Invest in The Artisanal Environment With More Shops 

Costa Mesa, CA – Entering a new phase in its evolution, The OC Mart Mix, the shopping destination that redefined the retail experience in Orange County, is changing its name to The OC Mix to better reflect this urban marketplace filled with over 25 small retail shops, gourmet food and drinks, all under one roof. The OC Mix will live up to its moniker “fashion, food & findings” and will continue to nurture small businesses and owner-operated shops, while advancing in the artisanal environment found in the building located in the heart of South Coast Collection (SoCo). 
“The idea is to eliminate confusion among consumers that the “mart” is a place that is accessible to the trade only,” says Bryon Ward of Burnham Ward, owners of SoCo where The OC Mix is located.  “The OC Mix is very much a retail community that is accessible to all.”
Constantly evolving to give trend spotters the eclectic mix the center is popular for, The OC Mix will welcome three new retailers: Seventh Tea Bar, the latest creation from Portola Coffee Lab, just opened on January 2; Birdie Bowl & Juicery will open on February 1; and Wardrobe Ltd. will open in late January.  Recently opened shops and restaurants include Lollipop Nail Studio, Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab, and Shuck Oyster Bar, while several Mix retailers have expanded in the last month such as, Local Fare, Apples & Oranges, and Smocking Birds. 

With a modern, shop-from-your-neighbor feel and the opportunity to touch, taste, feel, see, and hear from its retailers, The OC Mix is Orange County’s answer to the Ferry Building in San Francisco or Chelsea Market in New York City but with a So Cal contemporary-chic aesthetic highlighted by cement floors, reclaimed wood, and exposed ceilings. Many of the shops are under 250 square feet, giving rise to the power of the small business owner and the ability to present products and services in a fresh new way, only found at The OC Mix.  

From eco-friendly merchandise and services to products that give back to charity, The OC Mix shoppers can also find many items made by local Orange County artisans and companies, emerging fashion designers for men, women and children, fine jewelry and accessories, unique home furnishings, stylish tableware, and inspiring artwork. The OC Mix is also quickly becoming a hot spot for epicurean adventures with the ability to get spices, oysters, cheese, sauces, coffee, tea, juice, olive oil, wine and more at the various gourmet shops and restaurants in The OC Mix.

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ABOUT THE OC MIX:   Sunset Magazine says The OC Mix “is the best new reason to pull off the 405” calling it a “sweeping breath of fresh air”.  Southwest Airlines, in an issue of Spirit Magazine, said “aficionados of the offbeat, head back to Costa Mesa to visit The OC Mart Mix”. The OC Mix is located at: 3313 Hyland Avenue, Suite C, Costa Mesa, CA 92626  and can be reached by calling 949.760.9150.

The OC Mix Hours:  Sunday-Monday 11am-6pm; Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 10am-6pm
We Olive and Wine Bar Hours: 11-8 Tuesday- Wednesday, 11-9 or later Thursday- Friday, 10-8 Saturday, 12-5 Sunday; 
Portola Coffee Lab Hours: 6am-9pm Monday- Friday, 7am-9pm Saturday, 8am-8pm Sunday


Waterless Manicures, Organic Apothecary, Healthy Nail Polish Options + More

Costa Mesa, CA – Their tag line says it all: Lollipop - Where organic and glossy meet.  The OC Mart Mix, a contemporary marketplace with over 30 independent retailers under one roof, is proud to announce the addition of Lollipop Nail Studio, a sophisticated organic nail studio that is dedicated to healthy, non-toxic products and services. From nourishing, water-based nail polish to lotions, scrubs and soaks made in-house of only the freshest organic ingredients, Lollipop strives to make getting a mani-pedi as safe, luxurious and enjoyable as possible.

With coral walls and coordinating mid-century lounge treatment chairs embroidered with the Lollipop logo, the Lollipop Nail Studio offers a chic take on organic beauty. The studio strives to ensure an environment where the only aromas circulating are from the four essential elements used in the manicures and pedicures: almond, rose, camellia and geranium. Offering nourishing nail polish that is water-based and safe for your skin in a wide variety of shades and colors, the treatments are safe for adults and kids alike. Lollipop is also an artful apothecary where signature products are mixed to match treatments and needs, using the finest quality organic ingredients and oils.

This isn’t the first shop for Lollipop Nail Studio creator, Jackie Dalton, a former fashion designer, who once owned Iconology, an ultra-luxe designer clothing store in La Brea, CA with her sister, a former Woman’s Wear Daily editor.  Their celebrity-favorite clothing store was featured in Lucky, Elle, Los Angeles Magazine and more.  Inspired by her four-year-old daughter, Jackie says: “I really wanted to create a place where both kids and adults could enjoy time together, indulge in a little luxury and feel good about it being a healthy treat but still keeping the fun. Out of that desire to take my daughter to a nail salon free of chemicals, came Lollipop.”

Details of the signature Lollipop Nail Studio Manicures and Pedicures:
For each service, Lollipop sterilizes all stainless steel tools, and uses only brand-new files, sticks and buffers, as well as new liners for each pedicure. Manicures are waterless, performed with hot towels and custom-created oils.

Prices start at $25 for an adult manicure, $35 for an adult pedicure; $15 for a child manicure and $15 for a child pedicure.



The Event Presented by EAT | SEE | HEAR  Also Includes Art Walk, Live Music, Food Trucks, Dishes by Local Eateries + Wafflegato

Costa Mesa, CA – Proving they ain’t afraid of no ghost and to get into the Halloween spirit, SoCo Outdoor Cinema at The OC Mart Mix presented by Eat | See | Hear will be featuring the 1984 mega hit, Ghostbusters, on Friday, October 12, from 5:00pm-10:00pm. The outdoor entertainment experience will feature live music, food, art, and a viewing of Ghostbusters.

With the doors opening at 5:00pm, guests can enjoy the food trucks and Art Walk in the parking lot in front of The OC Mart Mix, while ticket holders will have access to dishes and drinks from nine different eateries inside the event, which will be held in the SoCo courtyard.  Live music by the The Cerny Brothers, begins at 6:30pm, and the movie begins around 7:00pm. Movie guests are encouraged to bring their own beach chair and will enter through The OC Mart Mix at 3313 Hyland Drive, Costa Mesa.
The Details.
Tickets: are $5 presale and $7 at the door. A link to purchase tickets  is on 

Live Music by The Cerny Brothers: Brothers Robert and Scott Cerny, along with drummer Cody Fontes and upright bassist Gabe Davis, have been building a loyal following and turning heads with their energetic, yet intimate live shows. The Cerny Brothers’ music, rooted in a time-honored blend of Folk and Americana styles, has been shaped by long instilled values of hard-work, dedication, and honesty. The Cerny Brothers play music that inspires a sincere and genuine connection between them and their fans - a connection that is unique, timeless, and simply cannot be ignored. Videos from The Cerny Brothers:

Participating eateries inside the event
Christopher Garrens
Waiiha Sushi
Iron Press
Shuck Oyster Bar
Cheese Shop
Portola Coffee Lab
Hurbert's Lemonade
We Olive and Wine Bar
Participating Food Trucks: Parked outside The OC Mart Mix for additional dining options, will include several food trucks to choose from.

Art Walk: Featuring the work of local artists, the Art Walk is an opportunity to view and buy local artists’ work.

Wafflegato will return to The OC Mart Mix.  The Iron Press, Savory Spice Stop, Portola Coffee Lab, The Cheese Shop, and N'iceCream are teaming up once again to bring the Wafflegato back to The OC Mart Mix.  Back by popular demand, the innovative dessert plays off the term 'Affogato,' which is an Italian dish in which espresso is poured over gelato or ice cream. Available near N’iceCream, the Wafflegato is available for $6. 

Ghostbusters: Three odd-ball scientists get kicked out of their cushy positions at a university in New York City where they studied the occult. They decide to set up shop in an old firehouse and become Ghostbusters, trapping pesky ghosts, spirits, haunts, and poltergeists for money. They wise-crack their way through the city, and stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, one which will release untold evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters are called on to save the Big Apple.


The Not For Profit Boutique Showcasing Local Artists Expands Store
& Moves To New Location In The OC  Mart Mix
Costa Mesa, CA -- Apples & Oranges (A&O), a not-for-profit store front showcasing local artists, has moved and expanded its boutique in The OC Mart Mix.  To celebrate, A&O will host a grand re-opening on August 25, from 5pm-9pm.  Featuring live music, treats by For Cake Sake, guests will also have a chance to meet and greet local artists (3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa).  
The goal of Apples & Oranges, which opened its first retail location at The OC Mart Mix in November 2011, is to give local artists a place to display and sell their work and in turn they give back 10% to the charity of their choice. Apples & Oranges is run by a team of volunteers and interns who are passionate about pouring into the artistic community in Orange county. “Creating a place that gives back and props up in as many venues as possible, A&O is not about making a monetary profit but making a profitable influence in the lives of our artist and the community,” says Cindy Avilla, A&O’s proprietor.
With everything from handcrafted jewelry, soap, and pillows to paintings, clothing and more, the artists featured in Apples & Oranges, include:
Kenton Michael Designs
Andrea Luna Reece
Halo Jak
So Succulent
Jacaranda Creations
Eclore Soaps
Cause 2 Be
Tree Swing
Cotton Treats
Tag Home Designs
Help Ink
DEDO Frames
Nostalgic Woods
with more to come...

The Artist at Apples and Oranges give back to the following charities:
44 women for Children
International Princess Project
Dwelling 222
Susan B Komen foundation
Jacaranda Creations
Bam Gam
Boxer Rescue LA
Liberty House
And many more...
Apples & Oranges is a non-profit boutique that offers artists, designers, and charitable organizations a space to showcase their products with a purpose.  At Apples & Oranges you will find artisans with passion, love, and a heart for others; along with the desire to see change, restoration, beauty, and strength grow in human kind. By having a place to display their product, they have the opportunity to make a difference with every purchase.  With every purchase, a 10% donation is made to another non-profit.
A&O supports a community of like-minded people; creating a venue to support the dreams and visions of artist to bring about intentional compassionate change in our world. We bring the community unique, hand-crafted products that give back and inspire the next generation of growth.
In each fruit there are seeds. When just one small seed takes root, with proper light, water, and nurturing, it can become something so rich and beautiful; a tree ready to bear fruit and harvest its full potential. It just takes a little seed, some love and nurturing and an opportunity to grow; to bring something so life giving that it can’t be compared to anything else; it is like apples and oranges.
Apples & Oranges

The OC Mart MiX's Fashion Camp OC Is Featured In Coast Magazine

   Fashion Camp OC - Fashion Camp is a creative learning space for kids, teens and adults.  Offering fashion classes in creating, designing, sketching, styling and of course, sewing, Fashion Camp OC is the brain child of Erin Bianchi, a 20-year fashion industry veteran, who also offers week-long camps that highlight all aspects of fashion, and encourage creating thinking.


WHAT: Funniest Housewives of Orange County will be appearing at The OC Mart Mix for a FREE night of laughter. Enjoy Shopping, Wine and coffee before and after the show.

The Funniest Housewives of Orange County are a sizzling comedic sensation and their styles are hilarious, diverse and witty! Their extraordinary ability to entertain and engage all types of audiences make them unique and a must see stand-up comedy show! Their distinctly different personas stand strong on their own but together they are a force of nature. Get ready to get down and have fun with these fabulously funny femme fatales who DO IT STANDING UP!

They have been seen on The Tonight Show, Oprah, Last Comic Standing, Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed, The View, Live at Gotham, Comic View, Dr. Phil as well as the winners of Nick at Nite's Funniest Mom in America, California's Funniest Female, Orange County's Funniest Person, and Improv’s Orange County Comedy Competition. Regularly performing at the Improv, Comedy Store, Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club, Catch a rising star and many, many more!

WHEN: Saturday April 28th - Doors open at 5:00pm and show time is 7:00pm

WHERE: The OC Mart MiX, 3313 Highland Ave. Costa Mesa

WHO WILL BE THERE: At the OC MART MIX comedy event you'll meet:

• "Anti-Ageing Housewife" - Cindy Burns as seen on Oprah and The Tonight Show!

• "Hyper-Active Housewife" - Frances Dilorinzo who has gone viral on YouTube her video "Homemade Implants"

• "Trailer-Trashed Housewife" - Vickie Barbolack winner of Nick at Nites Funniest Mom in America!


Some of our favorite OC Designers and friends from the 2009 ASID Design Tour including Natalie Umbert, Rick Campos, Jolene Ballard, Amanda Malson, Steve Jones and many, many more have teamed up with some of their fab LA counterparts to bring you the FIRST OC Designer Tag Sale.

With NOTHING OVER $200, you will be able to find some fantastic pieces for unbelievable prices. And, the mini-consult you can get from the participating designers is your Gift With Purchase!

Check out the write up from Lisa Boone @ the LA TIMES --

GREAT DEALS FROM GREAT DESIGNERS, who could ask for more!! Shop early and pass the word!!


Townsend Olmstead Media Co. to Provide PR and Communications Services
to Outdoor Recreation Manufacturing Giant

Costa Mesa, CA -- Townsend Olmstead Media Co., a partnership between PR veterans Lauren Townsend and Allison Olmstead, is proud to announce their newest client, Bravo Sports Corp. TO: Media Co. will provide public relations and communications services to the outdoor recreation manufacturing giant focused on its proprietary brands and corporate communications as well as lend additional promotional support for their complete catalog of products.

As the global leader in the action sports retail and outdoor recreation industries, Bravo Sports’ singular goal is to create the best products for the best price in the world. Manufacturing over 2000 products used by children and families worldwide, Bravo Sports boasts a stable of cutting-edge brands including Pulse™, Quik Shade™, Moto Shade™, Airzone™, Tony Hawk™, World Industries™, Kryptonics™, Hyper™ and Variflex™ in addition to licenses with outstanding partners such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel and the Cartoon Network.

The Bravo Sports catalog includes a broad array of products in a variety of niche categories including instant canopies, trampolines, skateboards, scooters, in-line skates and related products and accessories.

A truly global company, Bravo Sports headquarters is located in Santa Fe Springs, California, with additional offices, factories and warehouses in Italy, Thailand and China. Since 1965, Bravo has provided the highest quality and most innovative products to sports and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Bravo consistently seeks to exceed the expectations of its consumers and customers alike through the development and introduction of cutting edge, innovative products that raise industry standards and set trends worldwide.

About TO: Media Co.
Townsend Olmstead Media Co. is a full-service public relations firm specializing in promoting the people and products setting trends and defining style. Through strategic media outreach, creative positioning, personalized attention and a comprehensive “big picture” approach to clients, TO: Media Co. has been providing first-class public relations and communications services to entrepreneurs and trend setters in the fashion, accessories and luxury lifestyle industries since 2006.

Additional information about TO Media Co. and its services is available

Inquiries about Townsend Olmstead Media Co. and their clients can be addressed to either Lauren Townsend or Allison Olmstead at or by calling 949/722-8488.