Birdie Slated To Open Early February  

Costa Mesa, CA -  Quickly becoming a hot spot for unique eats in Orange County, The OC Mix, an urban marketplace filled with over 25 owner-operated retail shops, gourmet food and drinks, all under one roof, is proud to announce that Birdie Bowl and Juicery, fresh cold pressed juice and amazing acai bowls, is slated to open in early February. 

"Birdie Bowl and Juicery is a nourishing addition to the unique beverage bars and foods we have here at The OC Mix,” says Anais Tangie, Director of Events and Marketing Coordinator. “Their cold pressed blends are deliciously refreshing. We just can't wait for Jee Shin to open and add to our culinary collective at SoCo Collection."

Birdie Bowl and Juicery, the latest from owner Jee Shin, focuses on 1OO% cold pressed organic juices, nut mylks, and acai bowls. The company delivers live, raw and unpasteurized juices using a hydraulic press to extract the nutrients from only the freshest locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Did you know that traditional juicing involves a high level of friction in the grinding process which in turn causes heat? In contrast, Birdie uses a cold pressed juicing method which significantly slows down the rate of oxidation of its extractions.  As a result Birdie juices maintain their nutritional stability for a longer shelf life. With proper refrigeration they are nutritionally stable and will taste crisp for a good 72 hours after being pressed.

As a new addition to the community, Birdie strives to bring something better, something more nourishing to the table. With each and every product the company mindfully carries and offers, Birdie will always promote healthy balanced lifestyles.  Aside from the amazingly delicious taste, Birdie juices and nut mylks are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital elements your body needs and deserves.  Birdie is a perfect place to meet friends or hydrate before a Zen yoga session.

As someone, somewhere once said, “can I get a birdie of what you’re drinking?” 

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