Surfer Chicks Beauty Secrets in Coastal Living!

I love the newly revamped Coastal Living! The last few months the magazine has had some amazing homes featured, great fashion stories and yummy recipes that I have been pouring over. I am obviously not the only one who has noticed.

Last month we had a feature on Sally Bartz of Halsea in the magazine. She was inundated with Coastal Living readers buying her beach chic travel bags and stopping into the shop. We now call it the "Coastal Living Effect". See the article below -- it was AMAZING!

This month we helped with a beauty story about "Surfer Chicks Beauty Secrets" with Luann Petix, Oleema Miller and Veronica Kay. It love the layout and the 10 tips. You have to get the magazine to see the surfer chick spread and to see some of the homes featured this month - my favorite is the one title "Modern Country" (starts on Page 74.) Why can't we all live like that?!
Thanks, Lindsey Ellis!

Coastal Living Features Sally Bartz and Halsea

As a publicist of a boutique PR firm in Orange County, there are certain things in your career that make you beyond excited. June's issue of Coastal Living is one of them.
TO Media Co's first client, Sally Bartz of Halsea, was recently featured in the issue in an article titled "Making Her Case". Lindsey Ellis Beatty worked with us for the last year on this article, which survived one magazine closing down and Lindsey moving to Coastal Living. (Thanks Lindsey for working so hard on this - Coastal Living is the perfect place for Sally's beach-chic inspired travel bags!)
It features a full page article on Sally and her inspirations behind the line, her beach-y lifestyle and of course her amazing travel bags. The fabulous shots were taken by the VERY talented Shelly Strazis. I was so excited to not only see the article but to also see that an additional shot of Sally in the Halsea Shop made the Table of Contents page!
Thanks Lindsey!

Surfer Girls Do A Shoot For Coastal Living

Yesterday was a fun day at TO Media Co. We got to head to the beach for a photo shoot with Coastal Living about surfer girls and their beauty routine.

Our California surfer girls featured were Oleema Miller, Veronica Baker and Luann Petix, who were photographed in super cute bikinis with their surfboards (you've got to check out the amazing new surfboard by Halsea. It will be luanched to the public soon.)

Below are some shots (taken on my iphone so sorry about the quality and the lighting) of the crew in action. Thanks Lindsey Ellis and Kristen Shelton of Coastal Living and the photographer David Tsay. Look for the story in the July/August issue which will hit stands towards the end of June.