Shuck Oyster Bar to open at The OC Mart MiX

The OC Mart MiX, a marketplace for gourmet foods, coffee and wine with over 30 shops under one roof in Costa Mesa at South Coast Collection (SOCO), is proud to announce the addition of Shuck Oyster Bar from the dynamic foodie duo, Noah Blom and Leonard Chan, who are making eating fun again.Opening sooner than you think, not as soon as we'd like, but soon enough to not be too late! Shuck, is a spot for people to mingle, glasses to clink, oysters to shuck, and mouths to slurp. Pleasantly proper without pretension, magically modern and comfortably clean. Delicious decadence dealing dastardly flavors of fantastic freshness. Super Cool. Or as Noah describes it, “Sexy slurping heirloom oyster mania and bubbling sipping sparkling love.”

“Our customers will come to expect the highest possible quality food items, but at a super casual yet modern setting,” says Leonard. “We're bringing all the shucking to the front of the house to create an intimate and interactive dining experience. We have been toying around with some ideas including classes on shucking: SHUCK U. And having customers pick their own oysters, net bag them up, send them off with a shucking knife: GO SHUCK YOURSELF. Trust me, when you're there with us, you'll be in a happy place.”

The stars of the Shuck show will be seasonal oysters from all over our green and blue sphere, including impossible to find oysters. The supporting cast will be ranging from handpicked clams and mussels, a couple of happy chowders (probably a New England chowder and a seafood stew/chowder), a flawlessly grilled cheese sandwich that will make you weep from childhood memories, and some crisp and fresh salads to gnaw on.

Libations will include delicious local brews, a few bubblies to choose from, and of course, perfectly mixed mimosas. For those with a sweet tooth, look for Shuck to sling out pure cane sugar sodas.

Shuck isn’t Leonard’s and Noah’s first foray into the food world but it is their one official collaboration. Iron Press, which just opened at SOCO, is Leonard’s restaurant and Noah will soon be opening ARC, also at SOCO. Leonard says, “I dream of a day where a couple cruises through Shuck to start off with some oysters and maybe a little chowda, head over to the Iron Press for some tasty local crafted brews and a split a couple of warm and delicious gourmet waffle sandwiches, and end up at the ARC sipping on hand crafted artisan cocktails finishing off with a warm beet salad, some flat bread, and maybe a terrific wood-fire roasted fish.”
When most people look at an oyster they see exactly what it is; For Noah Blom he sees something different, the magic and the mayhem of nature and a love and lust for all things culinary. To Noah the oyster represents the slurpy sex of a bygone era. After being trained in the kitchens of San Francisco and New York City, Noah returns home to mesh his knowledge and passion for the exquisite and hard to find into the mental fabric of Orange County. Escaping from 13 treacherous years under the oppression of working in the Information Technology realm, Leonard Chan has been committed to establishing Orange County as a culinary destination. With the South Coast location of California Shabu Shabu chiseled in, blending local beer, meat, and waffles with just opened The Iron Press, what better endeavor to embark on than bringing an extensive selection of luscious and delectable oysters to messily (yet sexily) indulge on?

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