Costa Mesa, CA –The oc mart MiX, a marketplace for gourmet foods, coffee and wine with over 30 shops under one roof and purveyors of all things good, is proud to announce the addition of N’iceCream, specializing in freshly-made organic gelato and sorbet. N’iceCream is slated to open mid-March (more information about the official grand opening event to come – think free scoop from 12-4pm!).

N’iceCream makes about 16 batches from scratch every morning, and offers over 150 different flavors that they rotate between. Some of the company’s most popular flavors include: Salted Caramel, Raspberry Basil, Lemon Olive Oil, and Stracciatella.

N’iceCream gelato is made in their signature style, a bit lighter than what most gelato stores serve. Choosing to add less cream and sugar, the flavors of the gelatos and sorbets are not masked by the fat and sugar content in the product. A N’iceCream gelato or sorbet will always have a clean and crisp taste, and it is their goal is to use as many natural ingredients as they possibly can. All the gelatos are based on organic milk and they never add any color or artificial sweeteners to their products. The sorbets are dairy free and fat free, and are made with fresh local produce that follows the seasons. (ex. Look for a flavor made with Blood Oranges, which will be in season in March when the shop opens.)

Founded in 2008 in Venice Beach, CA. by Christian Toxboe and Laura Nielsen, The MiX location will be the fourth location for the family owned and run business, which also has shops in the LA area and will soon also be found in select Whole foods counters in Los Angeles.. Christian and Laura moved from Denmark during the spring of 2008 with the sole purpose of opening up a gelato and sorbet store in LA. They quickly fell in love with the Venice community and opened a shop on Abbot Kinney, with a second location on Venice Boardwalk opening up less than a year later.

"We are excited about opening at the oc mart MiX,” says Christian Toxboe of N’iceCream, “because it falls in line perfectly with our enthusiasm for locations with grassroots organizations, and a love for individualism and quirkiness.”

The N’iceCream Production
N’iceCream gelato and sorbets are all made using Italian gelato machines as they believe it gives a better texture and consistency. Every flavor is produced in micro batches, with the highest respect for the milk, fruit and other raw ingredients. Usually the producer gets up early in the morning to start the production of the day, producing one flavor takes between 15-25 min. to freeze, so making enough gelato for a hot summer day, can easily take 5 to 6 hours. Since all of their sorbets only contain fresh fruit, the variety can change, depending on the season.

Check out the company website http://www.ilovenicecream.com/, where you can see what flavors have been made in the different shops, what time they have been made and you can subscribe to your favorite flavor.

“We are thrilled to have N’iceCream be a part of the gourmet foods found at The MiX,” says Andrea Young, the owner of The Paper House and the store owner who spearheaded the oc mart MiX. “N’iceCream will be a perfect treat for shoppers, as well as a great desert to bring home.”

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