Quik Shade Pets Launches New Prints & Additional Sizes For Pet Shade and Pet Kennel

Santa Fe Springs, CA --  On hot days, dogs and other furry friends can easily get overheated and need a cool place to rest. Quik Shade Pets, a division of instant canopy leaders Quik Shade, just launched a new Pet Shade and Pet Kennel collection featuring on-trend prints for the popular elevated, shaded mesh pet beds, as well as a range of new sizes. 

Now offering a small, medium and large, the two shaded pet bed styles can accommodate dogs, cats and pets of all proportions, including small puppies to large, full grown dogs.  Designed to coordinate or match with any home décor, the new prints include:
Yellow Diamond: a crisp yellow and white diamond pattern
Navajo Blanket: a red, grey, black and white geometric design
Digital Camo: a modern, technical take on the classic camouflage print 

Available on www.amazon.com, Home Depot and ATG Stores, as well as other major retailers nationwide, the retail prices include: 
Pet Shade: Small (24”x24”) $29.00; Medium (24”x36”) $39.00; Large (30”x42”) $49.00 
Pet Kennel: Medium (24”x36”) $49.00; Large (30”x 42”) $59.00

The instant pet beds can be set up in seconds using the Quik Shade’s patent pending instant-fold, which requires no assembly – ever.  The Pet Shade features an elevated mesh bed with a built-in canopy, while the Pet Kennel showcases an elevated mesh bed, built-in canopy and well-ventilated mesh panels on all four walls with a zip enclosure, ensuring the pet’s safety.  When unzipped, the door to the Pet Kennel can be rolled up and secured with Velcro, giving the pet easy access to come and go.  

Engineered for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for home or travel, the lightweight and easy-to-transport Pet Kennel and Pet Shade also has a matching carrying case. The canopy’s angled design not only provides shade, but also allows precipitation to slide off instead of collecting at the top if using it outdoors. 

Product Details:
  • Offered in both open-air Bed and mesh-enclosed Kennel styles
  • No assembly, ever.  Sets up in seconds.
  • Durable and attractive – designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Locks solidly into place, ensuring pet can’t collapse the frame
  • Elevated pet bed keeps animals cool and dry
  • All fabrics are removable and washable
  • Available for all sizes of pets

Yellow Diamond: Pet Shade (small, medium, large) and Pet Kennel (medium)

Navajo Blanket: Pet Shade (small, medium, large) and Pet Kennel (medium, large)

Digital Camo: Pet Shade (medium, large) and Pet Kennel (medium, large)

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New Quik Shade Pets To Attend Global Pet Expo 2013

If you are going to the Global Pet Expo Show (February 20-22) in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, be sure to look for Quik Shade Pets’ booth (#3375).  Quik Shade will be featuring their newly launched line of instant canopy beds for pets – Pet Shade and Pet Kennel (see below for more information about the line). If you would like to set up an interview time, let me know.

Best, Allison  Allison@tomediaco.com


Pet Shade And Pet Kennel Provide Pets With Well Ventilated Instant Shade

Pet owners know that their four legged friends need shade too. Quik Shade, leaders in instant canopies and chairs, is proud to announce a new line of instant canopies for pets including the Pet Shade, an elevated bed with a built in canopy, and the Pet Kennel, an elevated bed with a built in canopy and a zip enclosure.  The first instant pet canopy of its kind, the Pet Shade and Pet Kennel is designed for small to medium size dogs and cats and will be available on www.amazon.com in late February.

Great for backyard everyday use or when taking your pet camping or to the beach, the Pet Shade’s and Pet Kennel’s elevated mesh bed keeps pets cool and dry, while the protective canopy provides a much needed shaded area. The Pet Kennel’s side mesh panels are well ventilated and come with a zip enclosure ensuring the pet’s safety. Engineered for indoor and outdoor use, the Pet Shade and Pet Kennel sets up in seconds using the Quik Shade patented pending instant-fold requires no assembly – ever.

The sturdy frame locks firmly in place ensuring that pet can’t collapse the frame. Lightweight and easy to transport with the matching carry bag included, the Pet Shade and Pet Kennel fabric is durable and stain resistant. http://www.quikshadepets.com

Pet Shade:
·         Small (24”x24”); $29.99
·         Medium (24’x36”); $39.99
·         Available in Blue(with Tan trim) or Tan (with Green trim)

Pet Kennel:
·         Small (24”x24”); $39.99
·         Medium (24’x36”) $49.99
·         Available in Blue(with Tan trim) or Tan (with Green trim)