Red, White and Blue - New Skateboards and Scooters from Bravo Sports

Red, White and Blue Electric Scooter and Skateboards for 4th of July

Kids will be ready for the neighborhood 4th of July parade riding these Kryptonics skateboards and Pulse electric scooter:  
  • Pulse Charger Electric Scooter
    • This red, white and blue electric scooter called, Street Justice, travels up to 10 MPH
    • For kids ages 8+
    • Available at Target, the Charger retails for $99
  •  Kryptonics Longboard Skateboards:
    • Teens will love this extra long skateboard! At 36”x8”, the boards feature decks made of wood 
    •  For kids ages 8+
    • The longboards pictured here are:
      1. Genuine (with blue background), available at Target; retails for $69.99
      2. Old School (with black background), available at Academy and The Sports Authority; retails for $69.99
  • Kryptonics Cruiser Skateboards: 
    •  Made of wood; For kids ages 8+ Rider Jacket (with blue and black stripes) is 28” and retails for $39.99 at The Sports Authority
  • Kryptonics 28” Skateboards
    •  Made of wood for kids ages 7+
    • Gritty - retails for $19.99; available at Target
    •  Record (with the record graphic)– retails for $29.99 The Sports Authority

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