Think Design! Combines Sustainable with Eclectic At The ASID 2009 Design Tour - Urban Living at Astoria

Audrey Duncan and Tony Baldocchi of Think Design! say the secret to people saying "ooh" when they see their design is that they, "are not afraid to try something different. We put the attitude in our design not in the designer."

Some of the Hot Design Trends that you will be seeing in their space at this year's ASID 2009 Design Tour - Urban Living at Astoria are:
Eclectic styling: Mixing of different periods and styles: Contemporary and Art Deco
Sustainable: Use of Eco friendly products. e.g. Flooring, fabrics, pillows
Decorative pillows. Pops of color and unique high fashion detailing to add drama.
Art: Love your art! Pick things that set the mood you are looking to create.
Style Shock – Take something typical and create your own style: e.g. Take picture frames and make a door. Then insert music albums into the frames. Tadah... You have changed something typical into something unique.

I love these Recycled Coyote fur pillows! Audrey says, "Our fur is 100% reclaimed from clean vintage coats. All our fur has been professionally cleaned and inserts are new. The methods for reinforcing the fur have been done by using an environmentally safe, water-based hide glue and muslin. This pioneered construction is what will insure the longevity of this project."

More about Think Design!
Audrey Duncan and Tony Baldocchi are the design duo behind Think Design! Specializing in fine home and commercial design with styles ranging from modern to traditional to eclectic, they are a full-service interior design firm, offering space planning, construction documents in CAD, and the selection of high quality architectural details, finishes, furniture, and accessories. At Think Design! they believe in providing clients with the tools needed to implement their concept. Our intent is to take our clients vision to a higher level and surpass their expectations.