Boxfli’s Tips for Organizing Your Dorm/Closet

Boxfli’s Tips for Organizing Your Dorm/Closet: With small dorm rooms, you have to be as organized as possible. Here are Boxfli’s dorm organization tips:

1.       Use and re-use! Don’t just use a shipping box once and throw it out.  Get a colorful, printed box that you can use to ship or pack your college essentials, use as storage in your dorm room and then use again to get your things home when the school year is over.

2.       Closet organization doesn’t have to be all clear plastic tubs. Make it fun! Rather than using plastic boxes to store your clothes, go green and use corrugated boxes that are made from recycled material and are recyclable themselves. Not all boxes have to be brown and boring. Get colorful boxes that will add a seriously fun pop to your closet, home, or garage.

3.       Use a color code system for your out of season clothes so you can easily find what you packed away on the top shelf.  Find a box pattern that matches every season, so you can organize with prints and colors instead of plain labels and plastic bins. It will make finding summer dresses, autumn coats and rain boots or ski pants quick and easy. This can also apply to holiday clothes and accessories. Keep your holiday-specific clothes sorted by using holiday prints. Stash your Halloween costumes in an orange box and your Christmas sweaters in a holiday or red box. No need for labels when the boxes are so specific.

4.       File boxes are super sturdy and versatile. You can put almost anything in them, but we highly recommend sweaters, jackets, handbags and other bulky items.  The handles make it easy to move around and the lid keeps out dust. Sweaters need to be stacked and not hung, so boxes are perfect for keeping your cashmere and knits in tip top shape — not sagging and stretching — when they’re in storage.

5.       Shirt boxes don’t have to just be for shirts. Easily fold your scarves, beanies, polos, camisoles, and even dresses neatly in these longer, flat boxes. They’re so versatile and last a long time. You can also easily stack multiple boxes on a closet shelf for more storage.

6.       If your closet is small, move storage items or off-season clothes out of the closet to maximize space.  Put them in pretty boxes that can be displayed under your desk or bed. No one has to know what’s in there and it adds a pop of color to the room without looking unorganized or junky.

7.       Smaller boxes are great for jewelry and accessories. Your collection can be color-coded for gold and silver or by what the item is, such as a necklace, bracelet, rings, or earrings. Plus, using flat boxes or smaller sized boxes keeps necklaces from getting tangled and earrings from getting lost or separated, though we hear mismatched earrings are pretty trendy right now.

8.       You don’t have to buy expensive hat boxes to store your favorite fedora, baseball cap, or cowboy hat. So they don’t lose their shape or get smashed on top of each other get a box that is about 6 inches tall. Storing them in boxes helps them from getting smashed, retains their shape and keeps them clean and ready for the next time you need them.

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