Meet Adela Mei’s Founders

Champions of riskier pieces and creating a style of your own regardless of height, Sasha Moyer and Stacy Leung are the founders of Adela Mei, an online boutique curated for women 5'4” and shorter.

Based in San Francisco, the duo are making the internet petite friendly, bringing the often-forgotten petite customer to the forefront and curating a modern collection with a decidedly international feel. The two women also share an entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for growing companies.

Adela Mei Co-Founder and Creative Director, Moyer is also a freelance stylist and art director whose experience and ability to identify, analyze and translate key trends in fashion, beauty and accessories can be seen in the modern Adela Mei collections. Born in New York and raised in Hong Kong and Manila, before moving back to the United States, Moyer worked in marketing, fashion, journalism and e-commerce for both large and small companies. Moyer understands the petite customer well as she is 5’4” and she takes her obsession with fashion and mixing high-low brands to create the site’s unique aesthetic.

Having worked for various companies including large fortune 500s and small businesses, Leung’s focus is on business operations, marketing, and e-commerce as Adela Mei’s Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & Operations.  She grew up in Florida, moved to Hong Kong at 10, and returned to California to study Business and Psychology before starting her career. With Leung’s passion for troubleshooting, she solves problems for petite women like herself - Leung is 5’3” - by offering fit suggestions, insuring quality control, expanding the business globally, and communicating constantly with Adela Mei’s customers online and through social media.

Named for Moyer and Leung’s petite grandmothers, Adela and Mei, the site strives to make shopping for the petite woman a little easier – and making alterations a thing of the past – by:
1. Offering a tight edit of the season’s trends
2. Showing more realistic images of the clothes by using petite models
3. Providing true measurements of each piece for a better fit

For women who stand proudly at 5’4” or shorter, in or out of her heels, the two partners bridge the gap between high fashion and everyday clothing by sourcing small brands and favorite designers 
each season to create a more reliable experience for the petite shopper.  

Even though the pair just launched Adela Mei in the spring of 2014, online news sites and blogs are singing the praises of the Adela Mei shopping experience and the two women are sought after for style ideas and petite shopping tips.