First 3-Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids 3+ from Pulse Safe Start

Santa Fe Springs, CA  - Pulse Performance Products, a Bravo Sports Corp. brand and leader in high performance scooters, has partnered with the world’s most recognized kids brands, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Marvel, to launch Pulse Safe Start®, the first 3-wheel electric scooter for kids ages three and older. 

Just like the big kids in the neighborhood, now young kids learning to ride can have fun on an electric scooter, one of the hottest wheeled toys on the market today.  Launching in June 2014 at Toys “R” Us with a retail price of $79.99, the first Pulse Safe Start will feature the three and older set’s favorite characters, including Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Marvel’s Spiderman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“We are proud to partner with Disney, Marvel and Nickelodeon to offer the first electric scooter for young kids,” says Leonard Pais, CEO.  “It is our goal to offer scooters that ignite imaginative and active play for kids with the superior safety features that parents expect.” 

Designed specifically for the needs of the littlest riders, parents can feel confident as the new scooters have five safety features, specific dimensions to make the scooters extremely stable, and technology that allows kids to ride a scooter within seconds, regardless of experience.

Easy to control, ride and steer, the scooter has built in mechanics so that young kids can’t make quick turns and lose their balance.  In addition, a slow, safe take off is ensured by the patent pending push button throttle that allows the scooter to gently, gradually start moving without any sudden movements.

Stable and easy to step on and off and with a deck wide enough for multiple foot positions, the Pulse Safe Start scooter features three large, smooth rolling urethane wheels, a 13” wheel base, 3” deck height, and 9” width by 16” length deck foot area. Kids up to 50 lbs. maximum weight can ride the six volt scooter for up to 40 minutes with an eight hour charge time.   

Five safety features of the new Pulse Safe Start 3-Wheel Electric Scooters:
·         Steering limiter: Safe maneuverability.  Young or inexperienced riders can easily steer the scooter, controlling the turns of the sidewalk or driveway while remaining safely balanced.  With the steering limiter built in, riders won’t be able to make sharp turns or over-steer.

·         Safe Start: Smooth, gradual take-off.  Ideal for young riders, there is no abrupt take off when starting the electric scooter, thanks to the innovative push button throttle. The patent pending (in design and controller function) push button throttle gently starts the motor to reach a comfortable driving speed without any sudden movement or jerk. 

·         Wide track: Improved stability and improved ride. The stable three-wheel design with the wide front wheelbase keeps riders balanced, while the overall deck shape provides maximum stability with every turn so riders won’t tip over.

·         Low stance: Stable, low center of gravity.  The comfortable low deck height not only makes getting on and off the scooter safer for younger kids, but also makes it easier to ride and maneuver.

·         Deck stability: Large deck for comfortable foot positioning.  Young riders often prefer to stand facing forward with both feet together. The wide, generous deck accommodates that and many other foot positions. Also our intuitive top grip surface provides a safe, non-slip foot bed to keep little feet from slipping off while riding.

The new scooters will give aspiring riders the chance to show off with their favorite characters as they cruise the park, backyard and sidewalks.  For more information on the scooters, visit the website:

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