Kryptonics Launches New Torpedo Skateboards Inspired by 1970's Hawaii

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Kryptonics, a skateboarding pioneer revolutionizing ride and performance since 1965, has just launched new colors and printed decks for the Original Torpedo skateboard line, as well as the new 28 inch Torpedo skateboard. With its retro 70’s board design, the collection pays homage to the 1970’s surf and skate culture and features vintage Hawaiian Aloha prints, which marks the first time the company has offered printed decks on the Original Torpedo.

The Original Torpedo, one of the most popular styles offered by Kryptonics, is a poly cruiser that is perfect for getting around the neighborhood and to school.  The 22.5 size fits in most lockers, making it a great ride for teens.The Original Torpedo skateboards can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart and Target.

The new 28” Torpedo skateboard is an amped up version of the Original Torpedo.  The look remains the same as the Original Torpedo but the larger deck makes it easier to cruise. The 28” Torpedo is available at Toys R Us.

While the durability and flexibility of the deck, guarantees hi-performance, this skateboard is also a favorite of beginners looking to gain skating experience.It features variable grip patterns, impact resistant and hi-flex deck, poured urethane wheels and ABEC five-speed bearings.

To see a video of the Torpedo skateboard, click here

Kryptonics 22.5" Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard: $35 at Walmart (Left to right: Light Blue/Yellow; Light Yellow; Navy; Light Blue)

Kryptonics Torpedo Plastic Complete Skateboard (22.5" X 6"): $39.99 at Target (Green)

Kryptonics Kryptonics 22.5" Classic Torpedo Complete Skateboard: $39 at Kmart (Pink)

28” Kryptonics Torpedo Board; $50 at Toy R Us (Teal).

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