Shock Doctor's Protective Gear For This Upcoming Ski and Snowboarding Season

Known as the creator of fearless, performance-driven sports protection equipment and apparel and the number one mouthguard company in the world for over a decade, Shock Doctor has recently launched a new insole line, expanded their Performance Sports Therapy line and added new mouthguards to their growing list of protection gear. 

·         Nano 3D Mouthguard ($49.99). It’s the easiest and best way to protect your teeth.  The Nano 3D offers all the protection of a Shock Doctor mouthguard in an unltra slim design so you can speak easy. This extremely lightweight piece of equipment forms to fit your exact bite, helping to eliminate bulk and improve airflow. Our enhanced protective shock frame now offers a thinner wall, designed to absorb and disperse impact away from the point of contact. One third smaller than traditional mouthguards, the Nano 3D is the smallest, lightest mouthguard for elite athletes who need to speak freely without sacrificing protection.

·         822 Wrist Sleeve Wrap Support, $24.99:  Find comfort and stability with this close fitting wrist sleeve, designed to provide for full dexterity and a natural grip. This product is highly recommended when recovering from a minor to moderate wrist injury and is adjustable to your perfect fit. Eliminate any further setbacks with the Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support.

·         1009 Active Ultra Insoles, $39.99 Performing at your best means going the extra mile, training that extra 5 minutes and pushing beyond your limits. In doing so, you put your most important piece of equipment - your feet - through a tremendous amount of stress. In order for you to perform your best, your feet, ankles and knees need to be free from pain and joint fatigue. The Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole is specifically engineered for higher-impact performance and full-foot alignment for the most long-lasting support and stability. The Shock Doctor Active Ultra is ideal for all athletes who want to compete without compromise.

·         870 Knee Stabilizer, $39.99 Experience excellent knee support with the 870 Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer. This pre-curved, anatomical design tapers to both the upper and lower leg for a comfortable, compression fit. Fully equipped with padded patella buttress, the kneecap is firmly secured and protected so you can continue to move with confidence.