Shock Doctor NEW Youth Baseball Protective Equipment - BATTER UP!

We hear statistics all the time about the staggering numbers of injuries sustained during youth sports. Earlier this month, The Youth Sports Safety Alliance presented a National Action Plan of ten items to Congress aimed at preventing injury and death on the youth athletic field. ( Among them was a recommendation that parents should educate themselves in the potential benefits and risks of optional protective equipment. With baseball season kicking off, we wanted to make sure your readers were informed about Shock Doctor’s  latest baseball protective accessories for kids ages six and up.

In addition to the wrist guards, compression shorts and sleeves, elbow guards, padded sliding shorts, and flex cups, take note of the Velocity Shockskin Baseball Youth Sleeveless Shirt below with the chest pad, as it was on the biggest sellers last season.  


Just in time for baseball season, Shock Doctor, the number one mouthguard company and world-leader in innovative, performance-driven sports protection, has unveiled a complete line of Baseball Protective Equipment for children ages six and up.  From Little League to MLB, today’s athletes are training and playing harder than ever before, and Shock Doctor knows that parents, in turn, are working harder to keep their kids safe (and give mom peace of mind), providing them with the best equipment on the market and featuring the latest technologies for maximum performance on the field.

According to NATA, approximately 116,000 children ages 5 to 14 are treated annually in hospital emergency rooms for baseball-related injuries (Children’s Hospital), High school athletes suffer 2 million injuries, 200,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations every year. Shock Doctor’s athlete-centric approach to product development has resulted in products that are authentic to the game, and address the specific needs of the baseball athlete; offering protection at the plate, on base and in the field.

Below is the complete line of Shock Doctor’s 2013 Youth Baseball Products:

ANATOMICAL LOW PROFILE DESIGN for a natural, comfortable fit and provides hand/wrist impact coverage without bulky excess

MOTION 360 full-flex design combines critical flex points and specific materials for unrestricted natural grip/swing

NATURAL HAND GRIP on bat is ensured with an open-palm design, utilizing a comfortable finger-loop elastic and adjustable wrist strap

SHOCKSKINTM HYBRID PROTECTION integrates ShockSkin performance at primary elasticity/flexpoints with Shockskin Contour thermal molded foam at critical impact zones
Constructed with anti-microbial moisture- wicking fabrics.

SHOCKSKIN™ integrated fabric and vented foam pads, secured by high frequency seams, move and contour with the wrist and forearm for ultimate comfort and lightweight protection

AIRFLOW four-way stretch mesh zone and vented foam maximize breathability to accelerate heat dispersion and air/moisture transfer

·MOTION 360 ergonomic design utilizes combinations of four-way stretch fabrics for unrestricted wrist range of motion and targeted compression fit

LOW PROFILE ADAPTIVE PROTECTION designed to flex and form naturally to wrist and forearm, with high impact dual density foam at center area

Constructed with anti-microbial moisture wicking fabrics, chafe-free flatlock seams.

PERFORMANCE FIT sleeve pattern contours with the arm for ultimate comfort through full range of motion

COMPRESSION SUPPORT provides comfortable, form fitting compression, enhancing muscle performance and endurance

NO-SLIP SILICON grip bicep hem comfortably maintains sleeve position on upper arm

Constructed with anti-microbial moisture wicking fabrics, chafe-free flatlock seams.

Available in black, white, navy, red and royal blue

ANATOMICAL LOW PROFILE DESIGN integrates ergonomically molded elbow-arm coverage within a comfortable compression sleeve

MOTION 360 full-flex design provides an unrestricted natural swing to maximize batter performance

QUICK-FIT SLEEVE with targeted no-slip compression offers quick and comfortable fit without need of straps

SHOCKSKIN™ CONTOUR THERMAL MOLDED PROTECTION integrates optimal foam densities layered with an internal hard elbow cap and continuous elbow/arm coverage

ANATOMICAL LOW PROFILE DESIGN integrates the performance of a lightweight neoprene wrist compression sleeve with impact protection

N-TEX air flow vented neoprene provides moisture wicking compression with accelerated air/moisture transfer

COMPRESSION PERFORMANCE ergonomic design supports wrist and provides therapeutic warmth with unrestricted range of motion

LOW PROFILE MOLDED PROTECTION insert fits naturally to wrist/forearm, with pre-curved shape and integrated flex-contour design for batting or fielding use

Constructed with anti-microbial moisture wicking neoprene, chafe-free flatlock seams.

SHOCKSKIN™ integrated fabric and vented foam pads, secured by high frequency seams, move and contour with the body for ultimate comfort and protection

PURE-VENT technology incorporates direct air flow venting within ShockSkin foam pads and flex channels to enhance cooling

AIRFLOW four-way stretch mesh zones and vented foam maximize breathability in multiple areas to accelerate heat dispersion and air/moisture transfer

MOTION 360 ergonomic design utilizes combinations of four-way stretch fabrics for unrestricted shoulder range of motion and targeted rib/abdomen compression fit

SINGLE PAD PROTECTION provides ShockSkin coverage positioned on chest with critically located high impact dual density foam

Constructed with anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabrics, droptail hem, chafe-free flatlock seams.

BIO SHAPE DESIGN exclusive pattern developed to match the curve and shape of an athlete’s natural stance, providing superior comfort and performance

ULTRA CUP RETENTION SYSTEM integrated internal Core Flex Pocket with flexible retention system secures lower two-thirds of the bio shaped cup in a more natural position for a closer fit

SLIDE ZONE HIP/THIGH PAD made with four-way stretch fabric and low profile laminated foam provides protection where needed without compromising fit, full range of motion or player performance

Constructed with premium brushed nylon waistband, supportive four-way stretch, anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabrics, chafe-free flatlock seams (cup sold separately).

ULTRA CARBON FLEX CUP – Youth/Teen sizes ($14.99)
The Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup, a multi-layer protection device designed to shield and transfer shock away from areas where protection is most crucial. The lightweight gel perimeter pad and flex-curve design conforms perfectly to the body to create a comfortable fit allowing for unrestricted movement.

IMPACT SHIELD™ - With shock bushings for increased protection.

PATENTED MULTI-STAGE PROTECTION - Transfers shock away from vital areas.

FLEX CURVE DESIGN - Mirrors the body shape, allowing unrestricted movement and improved comfort.

ORBITAL GEL PAD - Conforms to the body to help prevent chafing.

BIO-FLEX CUP – Peewee/Youth/Teen sizes ($8.99)
The Shock Doctor 201 BioFlex Cup, a vented bio-shape cup designed to shield areas where protection is most crucial. The body of this core protective cup will form flawlessly to your athletic frame to provide unrestricted movement, airflow and comfort. The BioFlex Cup is an ideal fit for all ages.

The number one mouthguard company in the world for over a decade, Shock Doctor is the undisputed market leader in premiere mouthguard technology and is known as the creator of fearless, performance-driven sports protection equipment and apparel available in 8000 retail locations in over 50 countries worldwide. Shock Doctor’s athlete-centric approach and commitment to developing game-changing technology, which has earned them seven patents to date, has continuously revolutionized the industry and raised the standard for technical and functional performance. Trusted by youth, amateur, and pro athletes in a growing number of sports including hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse and more, Shock Doctor products combine cutting-edge design and premium materials with the latest technology to achieve the ultimate in protection and performance.

Professional athletes who wear Shock Doctor Mouthguards are:  Carlos Santana, MLB Catcher for Cleveland Indians; Ryan Mathews, NFL Running Back for San Diego Chargers; Akeem Ayers, NFL Lineman for Tennessee Titans; Jack Johnson, NHL Defenseman for Columbus Blue Jackets;  Nick Leddy, NHL Defenseman for Chicago Blackhawks; Jake Gardiner, NHL Defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs; AFL Midfielder for Collingwood, Luke Ball.

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