**EVENT POSTPONED** STAY TUNED FOR NEW SCHEDULE COMING SHORTLY --Chess N' Games at The Market LV to Host World Chess Championship Match in October

Chess N’ Games at The Market LV to
Host World Chess Championship Match

Reigning World Chess Champion Stan Vaughan to face Challenger Ron Gross in Title Match

Chess N’ Games, the new retail game store opened at The Market LV by Las Vegas residents Cheryl and Michael Stern, is proud to announce that they will be hosting the WCF World Chess Federation Title Match # 11 featuring Grand Master Stan Vaughan and his challenger Ron Gross, winner of the Candidates Tournament held in 2010 at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

“We are very excited to be hosting the WCF World Chess Champion Title Match at Chess N’ Games, “ says owner Cheryl Stern.  “This is our first retail game store in twelve years, and we thought it only fitting to celebrate its opening with a truly memorable, high-stakes game – the likes of which you only get in Las Vegas.”

Play will begin October 1, and will consist of one match a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 weeks with the final game taking place on Friday November 9th. Each match takes approximately 7-9 hours. On November 9th Stan Vaughan will either be crowned WCF World Chess Champion for the ninth time or a new champion will be named.

The World Chess Championship (a registered mark of WCF) for the title of “The World Chess Champion” is the WCF’s most visible activity.  The title is subject to WCF rules and regulations regarding mandatory defense at least every two years in even numbered years against a challenger determined by WCF via WCF Qualifying Candidate tournament and Candidate Match Playoffs held in odd numbered years or more often in the interim at the option of the current holder, continental championships and the WCF Team Championship.

About Chess N’ Games
Cheryl and Michael Stern, founders of The Game Keeper stores, have opened their first retail store in twelve years with Chess N’ Games, located in The Market LV in Tivoli Village. They are also currently the owners of WorldWise Imports, which has been located in Las Vegas since 2003. www.chessngames.com

About Stan Vaughan
The reigning World Chess Federation “World Chess Champion”, Grand Master Stan Vaughan is one of the most highly decorated chess players in the United States. In 1975 as a high school senior Stan Vaughan was introduced to the great game of chess and quickly developed a passion for it. By 1980 he was the Gold Medal winner representing the United States at the International Student Games and became American Chess Association National Champion the same year, which through 2012 he has won 32 times, surpassing Paul Morphy’s and Bobby Fischer’s records of wins. He has held the title of WCF World Chess Champion since 1996 and from 1995-2007 won the 3rd, 4th and 5th World Correspondence Chess Federation Championships.  He also holds the world record for the most simultaneous blindfold chess game wins (110), the most simultaneous correspondence chess games played (1300 at one time) and a world record for most simultaneous over the board games (730).

About World Chess Federation
The World Chess Federation, Inc (WCF) is a charitable domestic non – profit organization established in 1992 by Undefeated World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer and later in 1996 incorporated to its present status in the State of Nevada.  WCF is devoted exclusively to supporting the educational, cultural and recreational value of the game of chess.  To these ends the organization will conduct various programs including programs to encourage students to study and play the game of chess as a means of intellectual development.

For more information, please visit www.WCFchess.org