Extreme Scooters From Pulse Scooters + Satellite Fuel Holiday Demand


Image of Scooters Redefined As Freestyle Sport Grows

According to Leo Pais, CEO of Bravo Sports Corp.,
http://www.bravosportscorp.com leader in the recreational and sporting
goods markets, extreme scooters are hot this holiday season thanks to the
freestyle stunt scooters that are defining the category and creating a new
sport. This November, Pulse Scooters will unveil the Pulse Viper Aggressive
Scooter ($39.99) and Satellite will release the RK-9 Satellite Electric
Scooter ($69.99), both available at Kmart.
Leo describes the new scooter trends here:
New Sport
Sidewalks and skate parks all across the world are seeing freestyle stunt
scooters in increasingly greater numbers.  Kids are demanding new products
with much better styling and performance than the decades-old folding
aluminum Scooter we've all grown used to.  This isn't a just a trend in
scooters, it's an emerging sport- fueled by a generation of kids accustomed
to aggressive board sports and who appreciate how relatively easy some
scooter tricks are to pick up and master.  This is just the starting point
of what proves to be a long-term trend growing into a recognized sport.

New Gear
An entirely new aesthetic of scooter has emerged. With high demand on
hardware, professional freestyle scooters are solid, well-designed, and use
top-end materials. Just like any sport, the top-end gear redefines the look
that kids want and we are seeing simple, rugged non-folding scooters taking
their design cues from other 'extreme' sports and blending in seamlessly.
Kids today want and ride products that draw much more from skateboarding and
BMX both in style and culture.  As the trend matures, we are sure to see the
entire image of scooters redefined.
Bravo Sports, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California is a leader in
the recreational and sporting goods markets. With offices, factories and
warehouses in the United States, Italy, Thailand and China, the Company's
operations truly span the globe. Since 1965, Bravo has provided the highest
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simple - to create simply the best products for the best value in the world.