Congratulations To Portola Coffee Lab At The OC Mart MIX

·         Portola Coffee Lab - Portola Coffee Lab - Portola’s coffeehouse and in-house roasterie is like nothing you’ve ever seen in Orange County. Their handcrafted, all-organic line of specialty coffees has raised the bar for specialty coffee in Southern California and has won them the title of “Orange County’s Best Coffee.”- OC Weekly. The husband/wife owners, Owners Jeff and Christa Duggan, focus on freshness, which is key to enjoying their amazing coffee. The flavor that is unleashed after they roast is intense and complex, designed to be savored within weeks, not months. To best showcase this freshness, Portola is using several unique brewing methods that highlight the inherent flavors of each coffee. Every single cup is custom crafted by expertly trained baristas right in front of you.  Whether it is from the brand new BUNN Trifectas, the Sci-fi-looking Siphon Bar, or the amazing Slayer Esperesso machine, you’ll get an experience that is as unique as the beans themselves. Stop in for an experience that is educational and original.; Twitter: @portolacoffee; Blog:; Tumbler: