Gift ideas for active kids, entertainers, foodies, pet lovers + the pencil obsessed

At TO Media Co., we believe it is more important than ever to give gifts that are thoughtful and honor the receiver’s hobbies and things they love. So this holiday season, we wanted to share our top picks for: active kids, the entertainers, the foodies, the pet lovers and the pencil obsessed!

Pulse Charger Electric Scooter (Walmart; $99) – Great for kids ages 8+, this NEW scooter travels up to 10 mph and is available in several different colors that are great for boys and girls.

American Mutt Art from Animal Blueprint Company (; starts at $110) – A great way to mix classic and contemporary style, this new series paying homage to the classic mutt are done in the style of a 1950’s architectural blueprint.

Personalized Pencil Dish from Timree (; $28) – What a cute addition to any desk! This is for sure a favorite for the teacher, kid or office pal!

Blacktop 360’s Pit Pan (; $19.95) – This fun way to cook over an open fire transforms any party in the backyard, not to mention it is fun for the kids to make pancakes on it when you are camping.

Vonny Designer Casserole Carrier and NEW Pie Carrier (; Casserole $48; Pie $64) – This is perfect for the pot luck queen or the home entertainer. Who doesn’t want to show up in style with their dish?!

Antique 1940’s Mother of Pearl Beads and Sterling Antique Brittish Medal (Engraved “MacKay Cup 1933” on the back) from Little Relics (; $185) – Caitlin Whelan is a 20-year old jewelry designer phenom with her own store, Little Relics in Newport Beach, CA. She focuses on one-of-a-kind pieces and mixes antique jewelry to create her signature recycled, re-purposed, and hand-made pieces.

Star Wars Helmet (Toys R Us; $25) – For the kids ages 5+, we love this NEW helmet because it’s a character and movie we can get behind plus the kids love. Nothing like reliving your childhood through your kids!

Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill Fryer (; $249) – This award winning, NEW bad boy of the tailgating industry has 11 different cooking functions in one unit so you can do everything from fry to grill to griddle. Love it!

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