Meet our New Client! Animal Blueprint Company

We want to introduce you to a new client of ours that we think you will love – Animal Blueprint Company. 

Animal Blueprint Company, designer of detailed dog portraits created in the original style of a 1950’s blueprint complete with schematics and design notes calling out thespecial features of each breed, has doubled its offerings and now offers over 75 dog breeds to choose from (see below for the full list of breeds).  All 75+ breeds are currently available online at and in select retailers.

Featuring a distressed finish to give them the look and feel of working blueprints used by architects, engineers and construction supervisors in mid-20th century, the classic renderings are perfect for dog lovers or those who want to combine style, design and nostalgia in their homes.

A great stand-alone piece of art or as a collection, Animal Blueprints start at $110 with a variety of framing and matting options available and also make excellent gifts. Custom orders for specific breeds or individual pets are also available.

About Animal Blueprint Company
Inspired by a passion for animals, art and architecture, Animal Blueprint Company, is the creation of artist and graphic designer, Robert Redding, who prior to this latest endeavor spent more than a decade designing apparel for the surf and sportswear industry. Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, the company focuses on animal renderings drawn in the original format of blueprints used by design and construction professionals in the 1950’s.