Bravo Sports Corp, Quik Shade and Beach Pockets on KTLA

With Summer FINALLY here, we celebrated in the perfect way... a morning with Allie MacKay from KTLA morning news

We showed viewers how to transform your backyard with easy and inexpensive tips on creating a VIP cabana perfect for summer entertaining with a Quik Shade Cabana.  

Kellie Swaim, of Bravo Sports, also gave a run down on the hottest products to keep your family "made in the shade" this summer with the best selling canopy chairs, the GO Hybrid Backpack canopy (yes it has SPF 50!), and Beach Pockets umbrella.   

And last but not least, we transformed this house into the coolest house on the block with a skate park, skateboards, skates, scooters, pogo sticks and more from Bravo Sports

To see all three segments and get tips to start your summer off right, click here: