Fresh Flowers for Your Home a Must? There's an App for that!

Fresh flowers for your home a must?

Looking to brighten up the room and make guests feel especially welcome?

Too busy cooking for your dinner party to pick up flowers?

Need to thank your host for that great weekend at the beach house?


There is an APP for that.


For the home décor-perfectionist or anyone looking to brighten up someone's day, check off your to-do list by downloading the app for California Blooms (, the premier internet retailer of fresh, boutique-grown roses from the central coast of California.

The CalBlooms App has been wildly successful for the company, which launched their iPhone app in time for Valentine’s Day this year. The CalBlooms App, currently available on the iTunes App Store, allows customers to order the highest-quality, eco-friendly roses anytime and anywhere.

California Blooms will offer a 20 percent discount for all first time orders generated by the App.

The Cal Blooms App features include:

• Quick and easy ordering - most orders can be completed in 3 minutes or less

• The ability to save previous orders, as well as ship to and bill to addresses

• Order from anywhere at anytime over the 3G or any Wi-Fi network

• Nine varietals including a mixed bouquet to ensure your sending the right message



Who doesn't like getting a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered?  Even if you did have to order them yourself!! ;-)