Pulse Scooters Brings New Technology To Extreme Scooters

Sante Fe Springs, CA --From the first-of-its-kind Slither Drift Scooter to the old school-style NEW Pavement King, PULSE Scooters from Bravo Sports are ruling the road. Designed and built with the next generation of riders in mind, the Pulse line is all about extreme tricks, 2010 technology and speed. Kids and their parents can’t get enough of their fast-paced action and the smooth ride.

“As kids are becoming experienced scooter riders, they are looking for new tricks and new ways to ride,” says Tony Armand, Bravo Sports CEO. “The success of the Pulse line of scooters is our commitment to providing new technology to an old favorite.”

PULSE is proud to announce the entire line of Pulse products, as well as the NEW Pavement King and NEW Road Rager scooters. Available nationwide at Target, K-Mart, and Toys R Us and other retailers nationwide. www.pulsescooters.com http://www.pulsescooters.com/

1. NEW! Pavement King –With a nod to retro, wood skateboards and surfboards, the Pavement King features a 9-Ply laminated wood deck with additional fiberglass ply’s for strength and durability. It also has signature large wheels and grip tape protected graphics. $69.99; ages 5+; in stores in end of March.

2. NEW! Road Rager – With aggressive, age appropriate graphics, this aluminum construction scooter features big wheel, is super light weight and has a steel rear foot brake. $89.99; ages 8+; in stores in end of March.

3. Slither Drift Scooter –The first innovative three-wheeled scooter of its kind, the Slither offers the ability to pull off tricks and maneuvers that are simply not possible on any other scooter or wheeled good thanks to the two large front wheels offset with a single rear wheel housed in a pivot-mounted swivel truck. The Pulse Slither translates the fun of riding a snowboard, skiing or surfing into a street toy. $59.99; ages 8+

4. Xcelerator Kick ‘N Go – Larger and faster, the Xcelerator is great for kids who want to get speed. Unlike traditional scooters that require constant pushing off the ground, the Pulse Kick 'N Go uses a unique chain and kick pedal self-propulsion system, allowing the rider to achieve blazing speed and tight maneuverability while maintaining a balanced stance on the deck. $89.99; ages 8+

5. Nitrous Kick ‘N Go – The Pulse Kick 'N Go ain't your daddy's scooter. Reengineered from the original Kick 'N Go scooters from the 1970s, the Pulse Kick 'N Go offers a super fun and smooth ride with a revolutionary new propulsion pedal design. Built to be smaller, lighter. $119; ages 5+

Click here to see the latest Slither Drift Scooter video as seen on Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Cartoon Network and Disney XD: http://www.pulsescooters.com/Home.aspx