O-Mama.com Weighs In On Tiger's "Transgressions"

O-Mama, the online resource for news and events from a mom's perspective, recently posted an article commenting on Tiger's "Transgressions" that was interesting. 

STRAY CAT: Tiger Admits Transgressions

Tiger Woods issued a statement that his "transgressions" are a private matter. Easy there Tiger. There is a recording of a cellphone call that has been made public (allegedly by him to a "friend" asking her to remove her name from the caller ID because his wife was checking his phone), a public statement from the police department and a series of supposed mistresses lined up on the media scratching post. You made it our business. Being a big cat that our little "kitties" look up to brings on a whole new level of public interest and media scrutiny. Being a billionaire brand changes the rules.

To read the rest of the article and comments click here: http://www.o-mama.com/articles/view/stray-cat-tiger-admits-transgressions