Irvine, CA - November 10, 2009 -- "Look Who Is Coming...", the premiere title from VaZu Kids is a charming, interactive tale that is personalized for each child via the inclusion of photos of friends, family and other special people in the child's life.

Designed for children 8 months and up, "Look Who Is Coming..." allows your child to take the starring role in the storytelling and is the perfect book to incorporate friends, family favorite animals and more by simply sliding a photo into the built in tabs.

Everyone from teachers to mothers and grandmothers love the interactive element of this book. "With this book, a child is given the opportunity to essentially create his or her own story. By using the unique approach of personalizing through photos, this book not only helps children identify colors, objects and numbers, it also presents a whole new method of learning that is both practical and fun," says Elizabeth Pernik, long-time educator and grandmother of 3.

Experience the simplistic beauty of the illustrations as "Look Who Is Coming..." stimulates your child and contributes to his or her development. "Look Who Is Coming..." will encourage your child to count, identify people, object and colors and develop facial recognition and fine motor skills while following different friends along the way.

While "Look Who Is Coming..." is a perfect book for all young children, the concept for the book was born specifically to address the needs of hte author's young son who was diagnosed with Autism. Determined to use all the tools at their disposal to help their son overcome his daignosis, what began as pictures taped to sheets of plain white paper evolved into a colorful, engaging story book about all the most important people in their son's life.
Follow the link below to click through the book and view the instructional video to learn how to insert your own personal photos and personalize "Look Who Is Coming..."

"Look Who Is Coming..." was designed and written by Zuma Ayriyan and John Khachatryan and illustrated by Lenley Makela. It is currently available on and in select bookstores and children's stores nationwide. "Look Who Is Coming..." retails for $13.99.