TOMS Shoes on CNBC's The Entrepreneurs Tonight

M daughter loves TOMS Shoes.

We even went to an event to buy her a pair and a pair for our son, who at the time was only 9months old. It just so happened that Blake, the founder of TOMS, was at the event. My daughter was SOOOO excited to meet him, she had him sign her new TOMS and our baby's new TOMS - just like a celebrity.

You've got to love a business success story that gets 10 year old girls thinking you - the entrepreneur - are a true celebrity.

To see more on TOMS Shoes' success story - check out tonight's CNBC's "The Entrepreneurs" 10pm eastern.

PS - SHHH. Don't tell.

Our daughter will be getting a new pair of TOMS for Christmas as we try to help Casey Cochran of the Green Guide Network put 1000 pairs of TOMS shoes on kids in need. He will be running the Santa Barbara Marathon barefoot to raise awareness.