The Mother Of Invention - Stroller Suspenders

I love how innovative moms are.

Since launching Stroller Suspenders, the iParenting Media Award-winning, patent-pending strap and clip that is designed to secure a baby blanket in a position to cover the stroller for warmth, shade or privacy, we have heard responses from moms who have discovered fun, new ways to use this innovative product.

In addition to securing the blanket to the baby’s stroller so there are no more dropped blankets, Stroller Suspenders can help:
? Secure a blanket draped over the bassinet or playpen for shade.
? Fasten play toys for babies in previously hard to secure areas
? Help protect babies from little kids who want to touch
? Great for roll play – the suspenders are small enough to use on play strollers for baby dolls

The easy-to-use Stroller Suspenders are available in 10 colors and patterns. The Basic Series ($9.99) is available at 350+ Baby Depot locations. The Designer Series ($18) featuring colorful patterns and gross-grain ribbon detail, is available at