Bravo Sports Corp Easy On The Wallet Holiday Gift Guide

“Giving gifts that are fun, exciting and won’t end up in the back of the closet a week after the holidays does not have to mean you have to spend a lot of money,” says Tony Armand, CEO of Bravo Sports Corp. As one of the world leaders in outdoor rolling fun and action sports products, Bravo’s goal is simple – to create the best products for price in the world.

Here are some holiday gift ideas that won’t break the bank for kids of all ages:

Under $10

OP’s new line of skateboards will be sold at Wal-Mart and retail for $9.99. They will be in stores November.
The $14.99 Kryptonics Locker Board will be sold at Toys R Us. Teens love this skateboard because it is sized to fit in your locker at school.
The 28” Hot Wheels Skateboards $24.99
The new 2-1 Trainer Skates are great for beginners ($24.99). Available at Toys R Us in September, they come in the following themes: Cars and Disney Princesses
The $39.99 Tony Hawk Grom Series skateboards will be available starting in October.
SpongeBob 10th Anniversary skateboards will be sold at Toys R Us starting in October. $29.99

$50 and Up
The easy to ride, three-wheeled Bubble Scooter is safe, stable and fun with kid-controlled bubble action. It will retail for $39.99 and will be sold at Kmart in October.

The all new Pulse Slither ($59.99) drift scooter brings the fun of surfing, snowboarding and skiing into a street toy with its innovative three wheel technology. Go to