Celebrity Signed Spongebob Skateboards Hit Times Square

SpongeBob has officially taken over Times Square!
TRU Times Square is featuring the SpongeBob skateboards (made by Bravo Sports Corp) in honor of his 10th Anniversary. The skateboards were signed by Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck, Paris Hilton, and Eliza Dushcu among others at a celebrity party during Sundance Film Festival.
SpongeBob is featured across the MTV Studio Windows, in the MTV Store and on 44th Street/Broadway. SpongeBob product has been in the MTV store since late last week and the windows feature autographed surfboards and skateboards that will be auctioned off for charity later this summer.
SpongeBob will be in Times Square and the MTV Store through the Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash weekend…make sure to check us out (on-air, online at spongebob.com/bash) and stay tuned for more from SpongeBob next week!