Mariel Hemmingway's New Book - Mariel's Kitchen

Just last week, I was invited to tea at Ellen and Ned Olivier's beautiful house in Malibu for a book signing to celebrate Mariel Hemmingway's new cook book "Mariel's Kitchen" . Not only is she beautiful and obviously fit, her commitment to leading healthy life is inspiring.

Author Mariel Hemmingway with host Ellen Olivier
Her new cook book is divided by season, which I love. Also her recipes are also sugar free and gluten free. If that weren't enough - her delicious Blisscuits (I tried the cinnamon and lemon - both yum!) are going to be available at Target!

One of the things that she talked about that has crept into my life is that she plays a game with herself about how little trash she can throw away in the kitchen. So now I am washing out the used jelly jars so that I can make some of her All Purpose Marinade (thank Mariel for planting the seed!).
Mariel is one of 50 top authors who will participate in this November's Literary Feasts, which benefit for the LA Public Library's reading enhancement programs for children and teens. The "feasts" consist of 50 private dinners with 50 different authors in some of the most beautiful homes throughout Los Angeles.
More about Mariel:
The granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, Mariel is the author of three books herself, including Finding My Balance: A Memoir with Yoga; Healthy Living from the Inside Out; and the new book, whose full title is Mariel's Kitchen: Simple Ingredients for a Delicious and Satisfying Life. The new book also includes the recipe for her famous, Blisscuits, which will be on sale at Target and other stores starting this fall. More information about Mariel's recipes for good health are available on her website,