Interior Design Tips from Rick Campos - A Designer Featured at The 2009 ASID Design Tour - Urban Living At Astoria

Rick Campos of Christopher Tracy Interiors proves that you don't need a big space to make a big impression.

He is responsible for three spaces (the foyer, the staircase and the landing at the top) at the ASID 2009 Design Tour - Urban Living at Astoria, all of which welcome you into the home. I love his choice of art for each space. It is bold, colorful and really makes a statement.

After spending some time with Rick on the Tour he was kind enough to give us some design tips to freshen up our own homes.

Rick Campos' landing on the ASID Design Tour

Tips from RICK CAMPOS – Christopher Tracy Interiors
1) Add reflective elements like a mirror or mercury glass
2) Art books, the bigger and chunkier the better, one or three, meticulously placed.
3) Rotate art to give new life to a space.