Richard Thompson of Keir: Interior Design Gives Us An Inside Look At His Inspirations For The ASID 2009 Design Tour

You know it is cool when your 11-year old daughter walks in and says, "I want that!".

That is exactly what happened when my daughter saw the story boards that Richard Thompson of Keir: Interior Design did for his space at the ASID 2009 Design Tour - Urban Living at Astoria.

Also featured in the space is an amazing line of bath products from Köl, Richard Thompson says, "These are some of the exclusive bath products from Köl , based in NYC, that we are using in our bathroom - not available anywhere in CA. They have a big celebrity following, are beautiful, and they smell amazing."
More About Keir: Interior Design
Bringing a uniquely modern approach to interior design, partners Richard Thompson and Keith Fondry lead the Newport Beach based studio, Keir: Interior Design. Specializing in residential, corporate, hospitality, and retail interiors, the firm has completed projects from Maui to Mammoth, from Palm Springs to Newport Beach. Richard Thompson, has a diverse background in both residential and commercial interior design and is the recipient of both national and local design awards. Their latest project, a modern, lounge oriented self-serve yogurt shop, “Myogurt,” is scheduled for national and local publication in the first half of 2009.