Going Green With Steve Jones of bettershelter

5 Fun & Easy Things to Incorporate Green Interior Design on a Budget:
1. Grow a garden – use a wall if you have to.
2. Use old record albums as framed art
3. Use your old books as a plant stand
4. Antique stores and flea markets are the ultimate in “going green”! Not only are you recycling this item, but after you are through with it you either sell it or pass it along to someone else. “I LOVE VINTAGE THINGS,” says Steve. “They add authenticity to a home.”
5. Shift around your furniture to update your look, use what you have

The ABC’s of Going Green:
A: Will it “AGE” nicely? - You should only buy things that can stand the test of time and you will want to take with you from home to home. Items should age with you.
B: Does it “BELONG”? - When in doubt, “THINK IT OUT”. Wean yourself from being impulsive. Stop buying things then storing them in the garage when they don’t work in your home.
C: What will my “CHILDREN” think? Americans equate BIG with better. Change that way of thinking for your kid’s sake. You want the environment to be better when your kids are adults so help teach them about re-using and re-cycling now. And what better place to start than your own home?

6 Easy Ways to Be Green:
1. SUPPORT green companies and products
2. KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
3. Re-purpose and re-imagine things you already have
4. Think locally, act globally. Support local vendors (having it shipped on a container from China doesn’t help reduce your carbon footprint!)
5. Be AWARE, stay informed
6. SMALL IS THE NEW BIG! Homes that are smaller use less resources, have a smaller carbon footprint and can help you keep some of your hard earned cash. Big houses mean big money when it comes to upkeep.