Diana Martin Gifts Launches New Website For Must Have Gifts

For over 20 years, Diana Martin's distinguished clients have trusted her to select a beautiful and meaningful gift for any occasion. With her exquisite taste and sensitivity to a gift’s possible impact, Martin can find a fitting tribute for valued friends, clients and associates.

Beginning November 24, anyone with an eye for style and the desire to gift artfully will have access to Diana’s wealth of expertise through her re-branded company and website at dianamartingifts.com.

“After working with VIPS of world business and celebrities, my goal with the launch of dianamartingifts.com is to be a resource where anyone can choose from a variety of gifts that are inspired by luxury, art and creativity and feel confident in their selection,” says Martin, “My gift collections bring luxury and style to everyday life no matter what the budget.”

Personal Gifting Services
Assisting with personal gifting needs, year-round.

Consulting Services: One-on-one consulting services with Diana Martin
Special Events: Theme development and implementation
Artists Commissions: Specially designed gifts by our internationally renowned artists

Corporate Gifting Services
Assisting your company in recognizing career milestones, employee achievement and showing appreciation and goodwill to colleagues and clients
Consulting Services: Analysis, development and implementation of a variety of corporate incentive programs.
DM Client Cycle Gift Program: A custom designed business support program created to help our clients grow their business.
Special Projects: One-of-a kind gifts or awards for a specific event or project.
Award/Incentive Programs: Custom award design, theme creation, collateral materials and room gifts.
International Gifts: Expertise in international protocols and cultural nuances.
Client Appreciation and Loyalty: Loyalty programs to show appreciation and engender goodwill.
CEO/Board of Director/Executive Events: Mergers and Acquisitions, Holidays, Retreats, CEO/Board Management Transitions, Congratulations, VIP events, Top Secret projects, Retirements, Appreciation, Special gifts for special occasions, One-of-a-kind gifts for those who have everything.
Occasion-marking Gifts: Retirements, Holidays, Grand Openings, Commemorations

About DianaMartinGifts.com
Dianamartingifts.com is a valuable resource for artful gifting with quality and style.

Throughout the site, Diana Martin guests will have the opportunity to shop from the carefully selected Diana Martin Collection of gifts, get all the news about the latest trends straight from the expert herself, and learn how to artfully gift the Diana Martin way.

Additionally, corporate clients will have access to the tools necessary to integrate and manage a successful corporate gifting program with the Diana Martin Client Gift Cycle Program™ - a patented gifting program that can be personalized and managed online at dianamartingifts.com.

Click here to experience the luxury of Diana Martin Gifts – http://www.dianamartingifts.com/