Green. Sustainable. Re-Use. Recycle. No matter what word you use, the newly released eco-friendly homes at 12@ELDEN (2379 Elden Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) exemplify the best Orange County has to offer when it comes to green construction mixed with design, style and that hard to come by - hip factor. Making living green user-friendly, 12@ELDEN is the combination of today’s green practices and products mixed with the conveniences of modern life resulting in what bettershelter calls “hybrid housing.”

A community for like-minded people, eastside Costa Mesa’s 12@ELDEN is the latest offering from bettershelter (, the cutting edge development team behind the highly touted, 1.7 Ocean. By mixing green elements into their signature coastal modern aesthetic, 12@ELDEN is an inspired example of smart design coupled with green building techniques and materials, creating a home that is timeless in both design and philosophy.

For the 12 California bungalows on the property, every detail from the building process to the interiors, appliances and grounds were conceived to give home buyers the total green experience including two community organic gardens.

Bettershelter principles Steve Jones and Pete Zehnder, both surf and skate industry veterans, developed 12@ELDEN to give OC’s design savvy buyers a housing option that is both accessible to the beach, promotes the concept of community and embodies the kind of responsible living that most of us aspire to. “12@ELDEN celebrates community and sustainable building practices through thoughtful architecture and landscape design,” says principle Steve Jones. “We all strive to do the right thing; 12@ELDEN moves in the right direction.”

In an effort to minimize the environmental impact of their development, bettershelter maintained the original footprint of the Elden bungalows built in 1963, with each home undergoing a frame-off re-development using environmentally friendly practices and materials. Each home features:
§ Forest Stewardship Council certified flooring or recycled floors
§ Low VOC paint
§ Energy efficient windows and doors
§ Options for solar energy and more.
§ Two bedrooms and one bath
§ Open floor plan
§ Private outdoor spaces
§ Fireplace
§ Garage
§ And more – see attached list.

With lot sizes ranging up to 2000 square feet, each of the homes is approximately 1100 square feet and will start at $529,000. Eight homes have two bedrooms and two baths while four homes have two bedrooms and on bath. There are two models open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment.