Kristine Taft Jewelry Offers Laidback California Lux

Fred Segal called. They want 720 hand-made bracelets!! Great news for a new business owner right? The problem – Kristine Taft misread the order. Thinking it was only 90 pieces to be delivered in 7 days she quickly realized it was in fact 720 pieces. Not one to go back on her word, she worked day and night stringing tiny crystals at her Crystal Cove bungalow until she met the order. Welcome to Kristine Taft’s career as a jewelry designer. Kristine Taft’s creations featuring her signature California-luxe style have always been so unique and beautiful that she often times sells pieces right off her neck! Kristine started her business just 8 years ago and as a result of her great success – from high-end boutiques selling her pieces to seeing necklaces from the collection appear on celebrities and on the red carpet – she is now launching her own website so loyal fans of her work and those outside of California can order from her collection or design one-of-a-kind custom pieces.