Arianne Zucker, Actress and Lowd Suga' Jewelry Designer Stars in New Web Series "Life in General"

Arianne Zucker, star of NBC's "Days of our Lives" and head designer of Lowd Suga' jewelry has added yet another new project to her list of credits... a web series called "Life in General."

Describing it as not quite a parody of soaps, but with a feel of all the chaos involved “punched up soap opera style”, “Life in General” also stars fellow soap actors, Lindze Leatherman (ex-Georgie, GH), Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon, GH), and John Ingle (Edward, GH; ex-Mickey, Days), as well as accomplished actress, JoBeth Williams whom Arianne couldn’t have been more pleased to work with. “Of course one of my favorite movies was “Poltergeist” growing up and [JoBeth] is lovely and such a hoot. What a funny woman,” she enthused.

“Life in General” is a Strike.Tv production, which was conceived as a place for writers to put their projects up during the writer’s strike earlier this year. A pilot has been shot, but currently viewers can only watch a behind-the-scenes clip of the show. If it gets enough hits, “Life in General” will be picked up and they will continue to shoot one episode a month. To help describe the process web shows must go through, Zucker explained, “It’s almost like you’re going into a room and pitching and hoping that millions of people hit your website rather than just one executive producer or studio saying, ‘Okay we’ll take your show.’”

To check out the behind the scenes clip of “Life in General” (and to help it get picked up), go to Strike.Tv on I can tell you that the show looks like a lot of fun and daytime lovers will definitely appreciate the soap-within-a-soap.

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