Lowd Suga In New Movie...Weather Girl!

Lowd Suga’ Boutique Jewelry Design has signed on as the premiere jewelry designer for upcoming feature film “Weather Girl” starring Tricia O’Kelley (“The New Adventures of Old Christine”), Patrick Adams (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”) and Mark Harmon (“NCIS”) from Secret Identity Productions.

“Weather Girl” is the story of a local morning weather girl (O’Kelley) who freaks out on her boyfriend, who also happens to be the news anchor, on TV and is fired. Suddenly alone and unemployed, she must deal with being 35, single and having to crash with her brother, all while everyone thinks of her as the “sassy” weather girl that went nuts on TV. Upon completion, Weather Girl will be released to festivals for consideration later this year.

With the film currently shooting in Los Angeles, Lowd Suga’ design partners Heidi Mages and Arianne Zucker are working directly with the film’s producers and costume designers to design and create ten exclusive pieces for the film to be worn by Tricia O’Kelley and her co-stars. Each piece will be hand made by Mages and Zucker and will incorporate their signature “supermarket to red carpet” casual elegance.